Cat penis may be one of the most popular body parts of cats that many cat owners want to see – for many purposes: some come to check up, the other arrive to see their penis. They ask, what does a cat penis look like? And the answer may make them very surprised.

I know that as a cat owner, you have your own questions about this sex organ of your cat. In this post, we will take a more in-depth look at cat penis: what is a cat penis, how to see the penis of a cat, and the reasons why is cat penis barbed.

Are you ready? So check it out.

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Cat Penis – Overview

What Is A Cat Penis?

A cat penis is a rather exclusive organ in cats. People who don’t have a cat nearly don’t know what does a cat penis looks like. The reason comes from 2 facts: firstly, they are small; secondly, cats protect their penis very well by concealing them. 

You can see dogs walking around streets prancing their ‘big’ penis. But cats don’t.

How To See The Penis Of A Cat?

It’s tough to tell the sex of a cat because it’s difficult to see his sexual organ. As mentioned above, dogs always come with ease of determining their sex as we just need to look at them from the side. A male dog comes with a penis coming down under his belly, and a female one has a urethra just below her rectum.

Things will be very different in cats. To see the cat penis, you need to find an area where the urethra exits under his tail and then look for a little tuft of hair in which there is a tiny dot. And you know, cats conceal their penis very well, so the last thing you need to do is to take time.

What Does A Cat Penis Look Like?

And now you ask, what does a cat penis look like?

Although a cat penis is hard to see, many people have talked about how it looks like. It has a simple structure, and it is also quite barbed. And why is the cat penis barbed? Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Why Is A Cat Penis Barbed?

You may know that before becoming domestic animals, cats have had to survive in nature, but do you know that barbed penis is one of the characteristics that help a lot in their survival.

Male Kittens Don’t Have Barbed Penis

Newborn male kittens generally don’t have barbed penises. Some research proved that they only appear when the cat is 6 months old. At that time, cats have to aid in reproduction.

Stimulating Ovulation

You see, the barbs on a cat penis may occur because of their aiding in a female’s ovulation. Females do not ovulate until sexual intercourse finished. During this intercourse, the barbs help in the female cat’s vulva stimulation, which causes her body to then release an egg. This is an essential part of the process, although it may make the female cat get hurt.

Preventing Female felines Escaping

It sounds awful, but this is the truth. So the barbs on the cat penis can keep the female one from escaping, thus making sure that mating is completed. And, unfortunately, mating is very painful for female cats. This comes with 2 reasons: except the barbs themselves, the male cat begins the process by bitting in the back of a female cat’s neck.

The Bottom Lines,

What does a cat penis look like is a viral question about the cat coming from cat owners. Now you know almost everything: what is a cat penis, how to see a penis of a cat, why are they barbed. I understand that this post does not include enough information for you, but in case there is any problem, we are here to give you the answer as fast as possible. 

I hope that you found this post useful and I wish You a nice day.


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