Unlike domesticated dogs, cats can live happily without social structure. They don’t seem to need a companion even if you want another cat on their side. You can’t force cats to like each other – some live with new cats easily, while others never get along or just try to live in an uncomfortable surrender. However, if there is no competition for food or a safe place to sleep, most cats will accept each other and even form close relationships.

Animal groups are often given strange and interesting names by humans. Sometimes these names have some relation to the animal’s characteristics, and it can also be indicated by a random name in the dictionary. You could call a group of deer a herd, a group of crows is a murder. So, what is a group of cats called?

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What is a group of cats called?

In fact, a group of cats with three or more cats is actually called Clowder, according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Meanwhile, there are a few other terms that have been used to describe three or more cats:

  • Cat cluster
  • The mess of cats
  • Kill the cats
  • Glare at the cat
  • Cat’s nuisance
  • Pounce of cat

Origin of Clowder of Cat

When you think of a group of cats, I believe the first thing you think will not be “Clowder”. So how does this term come from?

Clowder is derived from the term “Clodder”, according to Dictionary.com. Clodder is an English term used to describe a clumped block. It has been widely used since the late 1700s. Over the years, the term evolved over the years to the present “Clowder”.

What is a group of domestic cats called?

A group of domestic cats, hmm, actually they are only used to being called Catt. Sounds familiar, right? The cats in your home form a group depending on the number of cats and the space you own. Cats are quite solitary animals, so they don’t necessarily have to be a group. Does it also depend a lot on whether they match each other in personality or time? If the answer is yes, they will have a strong connection and can easily eat, sleep or play together.

Some cats can easily become one another, while others just endure each other and are hard to get along. This may explain that if you adopt only 1 cat in a couple of close friends, they will not be satisfied.

Domestic cats in a family tend to be markedly decentralized. Cats use their scents to clearly show their status in the home. When you see a cat rubbing ascent with another cat, it means that they are showing their position higher than the rest of the cats in the hierarchy. The more a cat is rubbed against other cats, the more likely it is that its rank is higher than the rest. They will be the biggest bearers of housework in the cat family.

When another cat wants to join the domestic cat’s complex hierarchy, it will often have to struggle very hard to gain a rank in the hierarchy. This can result in a cat’s tragic death. If one cat in the cat family dies, this will upset the hierarchy and another cat will step up to claim that rank.

What is a group of wild cats called?

Aside from the domestic cats being able to form a group, a group of wild cats can do that too. If you want to use a term to describe a group of feral cats, you can use the word “dowt” or “destruction”. Each group of cats was formed to ensure that they would live safely together in a colony. These cats do not have a clear hierarchy as domestic cats, but they have quite close relationships with the other cats. Although living in the same colony, not all of these cats can live in harmony.

For wild cats, hunting instincts cannot be lost in them. However, when they are in a group, they still keep the habit of hunting individually that instinct is available. Hunting is their vital activity, but unfortunately, they are alone. It seems like it’s their habit or due to their distrust of the people, they work with. Wild cats always have to deal with a lot of dangers lurking outside, so they are hard to trust another cat.

Wild cats will live in harmony if they are not scrambling for food. If two cats hunt together, they will have to split the spoils into two parts. That’s also why they like to hunt alone. A female cat may have several kittens in the same colony. Kittens born from a mother cat will be extremely closely connected.

Use terminology

That’s right, a group of cats is called Clowder. So how should you use the term Clowder properly? You might use “Clowder” in everyday conversations, but it’s not really helpful and your friends will have a good laugh. In fact, a lot of people don’t know the term “Clowder” because it’s not used often. But if you use it in animal science articles, this term may come in handy. It is also suitable for a fun puzzle.

Keep the peace in Clowder

If you want your cat to stay in a harmonious relationship, it’s best to feed them to separate areas of the house. Remember, domestic cats are domesticated cats from feral cats. Wild cats love to hunt and eat prey alone. Domestic cats are similar. There is a clear hierarchy in the cat family, so eating and drinking must have its own rules. Therefore, you should not put the food near each other. This easily becomes stressful during the meals of domestic cats.

When you want to introduce a new cat into the cat family hierarchy, you should do it gradually and carefully. Keep the new cat separate in its own room and find a suitable time to introduce it to domestic cats.

Final Thoughts

What is a group of cats called is a question with lots of answers. It could be clowder, dowt or destruction. But despite being in the same group, they still have their individual habits like hunting or eating. If you are a cat lover and have a clowder, you should be aware of their behaviors to treat them better. I hope the above information is helpful. Thank you for reading the article.


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