Since a long time ago, cats from the position of a domestic pet have become close friends of many people. However, most of us prefer cats simply because they are cute, gentle, or possess a noble, unobtrusive sense of dignity in other species and forget that cats are a challenging animal to breed. You probably already know cases of cats poisoning or allergic to quite a few flowers, right? Such things are enough to confirm that a cat is a very sensitive animal.

This sensibility is partly due to the relatively weak internal system they possess. And as time goes on, the older your cats become, the more obvious that is. One of the organs that shows this most clearly is the stomach. The cat’s stomach wall is quite thin and lacks important enzymes inside to be able to digest some of the nutrients. So when your old friend has a sensitive stomach, he/she becomes picky about eating (this is accompanied by other health problems like vomiting, weak joints, poor eyesight, and problems. dental problems). This requires you to give your cats a special diet to provide the necessary nutrients.

What is a suitable diet for Older Cats With Sensitive Stomachs?

According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an organization that specializes in animal care and relief, the ideal diet for an elderly cat with a sensitive stomach should contain the special nutrients with protein and fiber are at equal levels along with other ingredients to enhance vision, reduce joint aging and support the maintenance of a healthy coat.

Fresh skin food prepared by your own hands will be the perfect source of energy for your old cat. But in a busy life, few people have enough time to prepare and sit next to watch their pets enjoy the meal. So, this article will also provide you with alternatives but also extremely quality. Selected among the many products available on the market, through the feedback of many cat owners, hopefully, they will be a reliable reference for you.

Criteria for choosing foods for Older Cats With Sensitive Stomachs

This article is mostly my personal opinion, but after a research process as well as references from many sources as well as combined with the process of nurturing my cat, I have chosen to set the standards. Here are some tips to help you build a better diet for your cat.

1. Easy to digest

This is probably the basic criteria for choosing food for any type of pet, not just your old cat. As mentioned above, when your lovely cat enters “the other slope of life,” it is also when its organs are aging. The ability to chew and gnaw on digestion is also significantly reduced, which directly and negatively affects his / her health. For example: If your cat cannot digest food, your cat will not get all the nutrients it needs to support body functions and stay active.

You can easily tell if your current diet for your cat is appropriate or not through its expressions. Vomiting, having trouble going out, or skipping meals are warning signs it’s time for him/her to need something new.

Foods with high softness, moisture, or slightly increased fiber intake are the answer to this criterion.

2. Don’t make a sudden change in cat weight

For older cats, fatty foods are hidden killers. Indeed, just like us, cats are often less concerned with movement when cats enter this stage of life, which makes their weight often fall into a state of uncontrollability.

To see if the type of food you choose is appropriate, you need to regularly check your pet’s weight. If you notice sudden fluctuations, change it right before your cat becomes a lump of cotton. And that’s not good!

3. The complete function of nutrients

Not only for older members, but the cat’s stomach also seems to be extremely delicate. You give them a super-high meal, but their weak digestive organs make it unabsorbed. Excess protein, fat, etc. accumulate, causing severe problems for the kidneys and urinary tract.

However, saying that does not mean that you only provide bland meals for your cat. Vitamin A, C, D, E, and a few other nutrients are essential if you want to limit the aging process and help your cat live more healthy years.

To balance the nutrients, all you have to do is consult with your veterinarian. Knowing that no one can understand your cat as you do yourself, but the lack of technical knowledge will harm your cat. Write down the menu that you usually build for their meal and bring it with your pet to the nearest veterinary facility.

4. Water/water capacity

Besides food, water is also an integral part of the cat’s diet. However, older cats are often lazy to drink water and tend to choose dry foods. This dramatically limits the body’s metabolism and the cat’s environment.

So you need to choose foods high in water because they will help offset the amount of water needed for the cat’s body. This, the vegetables or some canned foods, will do very well.

Besides, this also meets the requirements when you must know the balance between dry and wet food. It will help keep the cat’s body healthy.

There are many other standards that you can set yourself to develop your cat’s diet. Please send it to us now so that we can increase our knowledge about cat care.

Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Sensitive Stomachs

1. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

The first product I introduce to you on this list comes from the famous animal feed brand Hill’s Science Diet.

If you’re looking to create a diet for your cat, this will be indispensable. Made specifically for cats aged 11 and over, there aren’t many products on the market that do this.

Besides, being made with most chicken ingredients is a great attraction for your cat. The medium-sized pellets are a mixture of chicken, brown rice, wheat, eggs, fish oil … this helps stimulate the cat’s appetite. Besides, fiber is also added to help reduce stomach irritation and balance the diet of cats, this is a scientific calculation by Hill’s Science Diet.

And finally, Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food’s production process is 100% enclosed in the US with all-natural ingredients, no additives, strictly selected.

The only question is whether your cat likes to eat chicken?


  • The material is entirely natural, easy to digest
  • Contains many essential minerals like vitamin E, Fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6
  • Support anti-aging process, reduce hair loss


  • The distinctive chicken flavor may not be suitable for many picky old cats

2. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ Healthy Cuisine Seared Tuna & Carrot Medley

The quality of cat food from Hill’s Science Diet is undisputed. And if your cat doesn’t like to eat chicken (some cats are very fastidious), the canned version of the # 1 product with a tuna and carrot flavor would be a perfect replacement.

People often refer to fish as one of the favorite foods of cats. Taking advantage of this, Hill’s Science Diet researchers have released food boxes for senior cats aged 11 and older.

I am not a fan of Hill’s Science Diet, but I particularly like the clarity in how they divide the food floors for each cat. Nutrients from tuna help to strengthen the muscles. And vitamin A, as well as fiber from carrots, will help balance the diet as well as limit stomach irritation in old cats.

Also, a box-shaped design that can be heated in a microwave with a smart lid will save you time.


  • Attractive flavor
  • Full of nutrients to support the function of organs in the body of old cats (Omega 3 and ^ from tuna, fiber, vitamin A from carrot)
  • 100% raw material from the US with strict production and canning process


  • Weight is only about 2.8 oz so use quite quickly

3. Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior Dry Cat Food

It seems that chicken meat is gradually dominating the race to become the main source of cat food. As Iams’ pioneer in providing food for senior cats aged 10 years and older, this product uses 100% natural ingredients i.e., 100% chicken. This gives the cat enough nutrients to maintain muscular endurance and provides a great energy source for your furry friend to be able to participate in all the fun.

But not only that, Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior Dry Cat Food brings a balanced meal in every pill. Beet pulp also provides the fiber you need to limit stomach irritation and minimize the aging process in cats.

It does not contain additives, so Iams products are completely safe for your cat. The amount of Calcium, Potassium, and other nutrients is also added to the food to help strengthen the immune system, boost the secretion process to lubricate the joints, and ensure that your cat has a strong bone system and a fit body.

Pretty perfect, right? Would you like to give this product a chance?


  • Attractive flavor
  • The perfect amount of fiber ensures your cat does not gain weight
  • Moderate muscle stimulation for cats
  • Contains antioxidants


  • According to some user reviews, some of the pellets are greasy or quite crumb

4. Nutro Max Adult Wet Cat Food

If the dry food above does not satisfy you, Nutro will give you another option: Wet Cat Food. Still using chicken as the main source of raw material but different from the manufacturers, they use the slow-cooking method that helps the chicken retain the most delicious micro flavor, enough to satisfy even the most demanding old cats.

Another interesting thing is that this product uses chicken and beef liver combined with a moderate amount of fiber, which ensures that the portions of Nutro Max Adult Wet Cat Food are moist, soft, and spongy to suit a cat with weak teeth.

Chicken broth is added to the containers to help connect all flavors, ensuring the nutrients in the product (Vitamin E, B1, D3 …) are absorbed quickly into the cat’s stomach without causing any irritation or discomfort.

Strictly selected raw materials through hygienic processing help create a great diet to build muscle and increase bone and joint strength.


  • Hygienic canned food
  • Contains all the essential nutrients for living activities of cats
  • Ideal for becoming a meal yourself, or paired with other dry foods
  • Meat is soft, easy to chew, easy to digest


  • The price is quite high
  • The weight of each product box is only about 3 oz, so it is quite quickly gone
  • Mixed beef liver

5. Purina Pro Plan Canned Cat Food

Competing with Nutro Max Adult Wet Cat Food for my Best Wet Food position is the Purina Pro Plan Canned Cat Food. It doesn’t have the same amount of rich gravy or delicious slow-cooked recipes as its competitors, but this product gives cat owners a new way to limit cats’ urinary problems.

Proteins, fats, and fiber can increase the cat’s ability to store water, limiting his appetite for liquid foods. Also, the amount of magnesium scientifically calculated by the researchers helps reduce the pH present in the body, limiting the excessive toileting common in many senior cats.

Essential nutrients such as Vitamin B, folic acid, and Vitamin D are supplemented to promote a healthy cat’s body and limit vision impairment.


  • Affordable price (up to 18% off)
  • The material is completely natural, completely friendly to your cat when it does not contain additives and preservatives
  • Certified and recommended by veterinarians


  • Many users report that after using it, the cat’s urine smells worse than usual

6. Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

This will be the product to end my favorite list once I intend to buy cat food. Still derived from chicken, Blue Buffalo has a sophisticated application of the latest food technology. FOS prebiotic formula preserves the nutrients of fresh chicken pieces such as omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E to support cat’s digestive health, and promote the absorption of nutrients. Nursing.

Its proprietary LifeSource Bits formula has been tested by leading experts to perfectly blend the protein found in chicken with the minerals and antioxidants in grains and vegetables to help rebalance meals. Eat the cat. This must be awesome, right?

It does not contain preservatives or any other additives, you can be assured because it will not cause any irritation to your cat’s stomach.

In short, this is a product that combines traditional elements with food technology and is worth trying.


  • Using special technology for older cats with sensitive stomachs
  • Processing retains most of the nutrients that serve the living process
  • As recommended by the experts
  • Natural ingredients, 100% genuine chicken


  • The dry kibble part is sometimes a bit hard for some cats to chew on
  • The grain contained in the product may cause unnecessary biological reactions for individuals with a history of allergy

FAQs about this problem

Originating from my love for cats, I hope these FAQs will help you understand the complicated world of cats.

1. Signs that your cat has a sensitive stomach

Sensitive stomachs cause extremely uncomfortable problems that affect the lives of not just the cat, but yourself. You should note that these symptoms appear only after a long time your cat suffered from gastrointestinal problems. So when witnessing these manifestations, the health of the cat has been and is in a pretty dangerous situation. And a general examination at the nearest veterinary facility with the advice of a doctor will not be a bad choice. This is a series of manifestations I have learned, including:

  • Vomiting or regurgitation: This is a fairly common condition that the cat’s stomach wall has been markedly damaged, causing extreme pain and discomfort when cats receive food.
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Changes in stool: stool changes from solid, liquid or cat for many days without using the toilet
  • Increased thirst: cats consume a lot of water partly to compensate for the loss of water due to diarrhea or diarrhea, partly to fill their hunger
  • Unexplained weight loss: cats do not absorb the nutrients and energy necessary for living activities, so they need to burn stored fat to maintain themselves to live activities that cause weight loss.
  • Poor coat condition: a lot of shedding

2. The cause of sensitivity in the stomach

In addition to reasons for age, stomach sensitivity also comes from many other causes such as:

  • The food allergy or a sudden change in the diet leads to many cats reacting to vomiting or diarrhea. This is not good at all because it irritates and destroys the stomach wall
  • Food ingredients or unbalanced diet: too many preservatives and food additives are used to prepare cat food. A lack of fiber besides too many spicy or hot foods makes your cat fall into this situation
  • Foreign object or parasite: have you ever heard the saying “curiosity kills the cat”? Cats often have a habit of chewing, gnawing, and then things that are not suitable for themselves or not very clean. This causes damage to internal organs including the stomach and also causes cats to be infected with harmful parasites

3. Foods to avoid when your cat is old and has a sensitive stomach

For further analysis, a fairly lengthy article is required for this issue. I would like to list to avoid these as much as possible and keep your pets healthy:

  • Raw foods (especially fish or eggs)
  • Bone
  • Fatty foods
  • Dairy (found in milk or milk products)


It will be difficult to find the most comprehensive cat food for cats that are old and have a sensitive stomach. The best way for you not to have to build a separate diet for them or to struggle to find a certain food is to help your cat have a healthy stomach with protected foods. I hope you are happy with this list of the Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Sensitive Stomachs. If anything else, please leave me a comment in the box below.


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