Having a cat nearly means that you take responsibility for a kid who cannot tell you how does she feel, especially when cats are experts in hiding their abnormal behaviours. There are many issues that your cat can get, and constipation is included in the most popular ones.

What To Do If My Cat Is Constipated

I have wondered what to do if my cat is constipated. nd I know that there are many people having the same question as mine. For this reason, I decided to share with you my knowledge and experience to help you in taking care of your cat and finding out the solution on time. 

Why Do I Need To Pay Attention To My Cat Constipation?

There are many reasons for many people to consider cat constipation as a big deal. Let’s talk about the feelings it brings about first. Constipation is never a pleasant experience even with humans. Can you see your cat staying uncomfortable and sometimes painful without the awareness of her condition?

The second thing is many worse conditions that cat constipation may lead to. If this problem is there for long, you can see the irreversible enlargement of the colon which requires an enema. In some cases, when constipation in the worst, you need surgery as the only way to help to treat cat constipation. 

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Constipated?

As mentioned above, cats are experts in hiding their abnormal behaviours, so it’s hard for many people to realize their cat’s problems. Here are some symptoms of cat constipation:

  • Cannot produce stool for about 24 to 72 hours. 
  • Dry, hard feces around the little box
  • Appetite and water intake decreasing
  • Vomiting, hiding, and crying

What Causes Cat Constipation?

Dehydration, a medical in which the body has lost an excessive amount of water, is the most common cause of cat constipation. The vet also said that cats with chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney diseases have more chance to result in constipation than the others. 

What’s more, painful defecation commonly makes your cat constipated while in obese cats, the chance of constipation strongly rises. 

Old cats usually hold their stool for a long time due to the pain caused by the defecation in the box; thus making them dry out, then they get constipated. 

Cat’s large intestine shows its important role as if there are any problems that prevent it from functioning normally, cat constipation or even obstipation will be no longer far away. 

Let’s talk a little about how your bad caring manner makes your cat get constipated. Science reports proved that stressful, boring cats account for about 25%  of the number of constipated ones, while a dirty litter box leads to more problems than you can imagine. 


We also have many other causes of cat constipation such as the lack of exercise or water, ingested bones, and colon blockage. 

It’s not hard to realize that your cat is getting constipated, as long as you pay certain attention to her health every day. 

What Are The Signs Of Cat Constipation?

Many people ask me how to know whether their cats get constipated, so these are some signs of cat constipation that you should know. 

  • Defecation disorder such as infrequent defecation and defecating outside the litter box.
  • Dry feces
  • Vomiting
  • Stress
  • Liquid stool with blood 
  • The appearance of hairballs
  • The lack of appetite

How Can I Do If My Cat Is Constipated?

Most cat owners try to find out some home remedies for cat constipation while the others look for medical treatments. Let’s talk about them.

Home Remedies For Constipated Cats

As mentioned above, the lack of water is also a cause of constipation, so increasing water consumption is believed to be effective. Cats need other freshwater sources placed in different locations. You can try dripping a faucet, ice cubes, or making a water fountain which continuously flows. 

Giving any medications to your cat without veterinarian’s’ construct should be avoided, although some of them may show signs of getting better. 

At last, no matter how hard you try to reduce cat constipation, there are always some underlying causes of it that are only realized so in most cases, taking your cat to the vets is highly recommended. 

Medical Treatments For Constipated Cats

There are reasons for people to pay a lot of money for medical treatments, especially when constipation goes worse. In the last section, I tell you that an enema should be included and administering an enema without the vet’s construct is not recommended. You cannot even know whether a certain enema is toxic to your cat or not. In fact, attempting any medical treatments needs guidance from the vet to make sure that there is no unwanted accident. 

Caring Manner Changes To Treat Constipated Cats

How you take care of your cat decide how is her health. It makes sense if I say that you take much responsibility for not realize the symptoms, take no notice of your cat’s lifestyle; thus resulting in constipation. 

Can I Prevent Cat Constipation?

Yes,vứtYes, of course, you can. We can prevent cat constipation based on its causes. 


As mentioned above, lost of water is the most common cause of cat constipation, so make sure that you supply enough fresh water to your cat. 

Let him exercise regularly. Regular exercise not only reduces the risk of constipation and depression but also keep your cat healthy. You should additionally feed him a diet with a high content of fibers.

Hairballs can get stuck in the intestinal tract of your cat, so brushing her hair frequently is a way to protect your cat from constipation. 

Older cats need something supportive to help them easily use their litter box. For example, you can purchase a flat pan lined with puppy pads instead of ones with high sides.

Are There Any Common Health Conditions In Cats?

Apart from constipation, we have some other common health conditions in cats and share with you to help to prevent them.


Caused by many different factors, vomiting has been one of the most common health conditions in cats. Your cat may get vomiting by eating poisonous or strange things, infection, intestinal stuck by hairballs or urinary tract diseases. 

You can realize that your cat is getting vomiting when she gets drooling and heaving. Permanent vomiting can lead to serious cat dehydration, so taking her to the vet is a must. Some special situations can make it hard to do this, so you can collect a sample of your cat’s vomit and bring it to the vet. 


Although fleas are easy to treat, most cats get this at least one time in their life. Some signs of fleas are:

  • Tiny black dots on the skin
  • Frequently scratching
  • Hot spots
  • Hair loss

As I said above, it’s very easy to treat fleas, but this common health condition for a long time is one of the most popular causes of anemia. For this reason, talk to the vet for cat fleas controlling. 

The Bottom Lines


What to do if my cat is constipated? You may have asked this question so many times, and I see that there are a lot of information sources about cat constipation on the Internet which makes you feel confused about their authenticity. 

After research and reviews, we have a general article about cat constipation, its importance, how to do with it, its causes and signs, how to prevent it, and even some other common health conditions in cats. This may not enough for answer all of your questions, but I hope that you would find this useful. 

Have a nice day.


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