Animals also have feelings like humans. They also have love, sadness, pain. Everything that happens to them, they are even received with specific emotions. And of course, it can’t be helped for cats if their loved ones or close friends suddenly die or are taken away, away. Because the linkage between animals is often substantial.

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The State Appears In Cats When Their Sibling Dies

Cats show their sadness in different ways. It can also be said that some cats are not emotionally affected if they lose a partner or sibling because they are not emotionless; instead, they are brought by new sources of pleasure that make them temporarily forget. But most cats will have deep sorrow in their hearts.

As noted, when the cat is in a state of grief and despair due to loss, the cat has some of the following common symptoms:

  • Escape into a quiet space, alone
  • Do not play with or interact with anyone
  • Be restless
  • Sleep more than usual
  • Loss or change of appetite, loss of appetite
  • Howls screaming for hours
  • Increase vocals
  • Become clingy

Losing siblings who live together, live together, play with themselves is a very harsh truth. It was a shock to the cats. Cats lack a sense of security. They always seek safety in the people who live with it. These relationships are like a bond to let cats know that they are not alone. But the departure of one of their loved ones may scare them once again. Moreover, this loss can cause them to despair or be too sad, leading to depression.

What To Do When A Cat’s Sibling Dies

Sadness can never be measured. We can’t limit the amount of time it takes for cats to be less upset. They may take a few days, weeks, or months, or even longer. But you are not allowed to leave those cats alone. You can take steps to help your cat overcome pain faster and more positively by outside influences.


Once your cat is in this negative state, you need to keep an eye out for them. Negative behaviors may occur. Cats can hurt themselves. Therefore, do not let them disappear from your sight. They tend to hide, notice that.

Besides, the cat’s anorexia and skipping behavior can put him at risk of fatty liver, even death, if there is no sustained food. Even if your cat doesn’t want to, try to keep the food in her stomach, even in small amounts. Get advice and advice from your veterinarian in this case.

Creating A Feeling Safe For Cats

Yes, this is the time when cats feel out of place, helpless, unsafe. Give them a sense of security by always appearing in their sight, spending time with them. It is also possible, calming or comforting your cat by rubbing its head, rubbing its belly, or petting it at any time.

Creating Stability

In the cat sibling’s death state, they become more sensitive and vulnerable than ever. Therefore, you should not try to change your habits or demand that your cat do something. Let them be free of their space. At the same time, you should create stability during the time of eating, sleeping, going to the toilet, and especially not moving your living place. A small change now will make them more insecure.


You can spend more time with your cat by playing with it. Or if you have too little time, you can add new toys to them, creating lots of outdoor fun activities. Occasionally, take them outside for a walk in a quiet, cool place.

Things Should Not Be

  • Do not be in a hurry to help your cat recover from damage
  • Do not move their residence and your own, habitat that affects your cat a lot
  • Don’t try to get your cat to make new friends. That can make cats more insecure and more negative behaviors. Because they’re lost, lacking in the sense of security, and a new friend can make them think they’re abandoned again.

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