Cats have many weird actions. One of them is licking our hands. This is the thing many owners wonder. Why cats lick the human’s hand? If you have cats at home, surely there are many times they lick your hands. So, what are the truths behind this action? Let’s discover this strange hobby of cats!

A way of showing affection

If cats mischievously gnaw and lick your hands, this action is a way for them to show their love to you. This is different from the bites causing hurt your body. People consider cats as an animal that always cares about their owners. Licking owners’ hands is the action showing that cats feel very safe when they are with them.

This means that cats consider their owners as their relatives. In other words, the way cats lick to clean your hands is like the way their mothers licked them when they were kittens. 

Cats always build the image of an arrogant animal. Therefore, few people think that this action is showing sentiment. Usually, cats will lick their owners’ faces or hands. The act of licking owners’ hands is like kisses. Meanwhile, kisses are only for beloved ones.  

As a result, when cats lick your hands, they express their affection directly.

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A way of improving the relationship

At first, you should understand that older cats and kittens still cuddle and harmonize with each other even though they are not relatives. Emotionally, they rub their entire body and head; lick the ears inside or the top of each other’s heads.

In fact, through grooming, they exchange their scents. This makes both of them live peacefully together and improve their relationship. If you apply this meaning to the fact that your cats taste your hands, it means that they want you to be your friends; that’s all.

The reason why cats lick their bodies is the same as why they lick your hands – grooming and cleaning. Their grooming is also for other purposes. For instance, establishing a dear relationship, like the way mother cats often do with kittens. The sentiment cats spend for you is very significant when they lick you. If they lick your hands, it means that they consider you as their family. Licking hands can spread their familiar scents and mark you as an essential part of their family. 

However, the reason may be a way of worrying

Cats sometimes lick crazily when they are worried or stressed. In stressful cases, this action helps them keep calm. They will lick some piece of plastic, fabric, or even your hands in some cases.


In general, there are many reasons why cats lick your hands. Nevertheless, they do not tend to harm you. Just spend time playing with them in such circumstances. You are their friends, right?  


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