You love the image of a cat playing with it. 

You love a cat with soft fur.

You love the appearance of a cat purring or snuggling against you. 

But immediately, you feel exhausted and annoyed when the cat’s fur gets on your sofa or coughs every time you play with the cat because it is flying up your nose. And keeping a cat prone to shedding is worse than having kids in your home!

Children with weak resistance, it is excruciating to contact with cat fur. You like to keep cats. So your job is to find yourself a cat with the least hair loss. We’ll suggest a few cats with at least shedding!

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Which cats shed the least?

Cats shed, and while many of us wear their hair with pride as our “feline love glitter,” others prefer cats that shed less. Check our list of cats that shed the least.

We will immediately think of Sphynx

If your family is well off, the smartest option is still sphynx, a cat named after the Egyptian sphinx. Surely you will be quite satisfied with Sphynx because it does not have any hairs, also known as hairless cats. They are also known as Canadian cats, hairless Mexican cats, or Egyptian cats. Sphynx is a natural mutant cat. In 1966, a cat in Canada gave birth to an abnormal cat and later mate with its mother.

Gray sphynx cat sitting on a white, gray fabric background

As a result, the cats were hairless and pale. This feature is also the ancestor of Sphynx. In 2005, Sphynx was awarded the title of “the most different cat in the world”. Some of the characteristics of Sphynx: big like a donkey, big eyes like a deer, wrinkled skin (when a child, the skin is less wrinkled, the bigger the skin becomes. should be more wrinkled), her face is stern but friendly, intelligent, very eager to learn.

Because the skin is thin, it is necessary to wear a shirt, at night, like to snuggle with the owner to keep warm. Maybe in warm places like computer screens, television, etc., especially Sphynx, it is hospitable but not timid. If you have Sphynx with other cats, it will be fine as it loves to make friends. One last plus is loyalty.

The Bengal cat – one of the most beautiful cat all over the world.

The gold Bengal Cat on white background at studio

If you do not like Sphynx because it is not beautiful, then Bengal, a cat will fulfill your needs. With many votes for the most beautiful cats in the world, Bengal belongs to one of these. It is lovely with a bulging appearance: fit, muscular body, pretty small head, thin, little ears, emerald eyes, and showy fur. The Bengal cat is the result of the method of selecting a hybrid between the Asian leopard, Prionailurus bengalensis, and the domestic cat.

The owner of this result is Jean Mill.

In particular, unlike the muscular body, the 4-legged Bengal is a village, and its big-legged friend resembles its ancestors. It is like a miniature forest leopard! Bengal has a thick, very soft coat; it belongs to the short-haired family of cats with little shedding, which is an essential feature for you. Three popular Bengal hair colors: black zebra, marble, and brown nuggets. Silver color, white color, is a rare color.

Bengal possesses instinctive flexibility, agility, and intelligence like its ancestors. However, Bengal is not tricky or fierce, but friendly, loyal, and easy to get acquainted with other animals.

The Cornish Rex – fluffy cat with British root.

The coat of a cat consists typically of 3 layers: outer coat (protective coat), middle coat (hard coat), undercoat (undercoat, smooth and thick 1 cm). As for the Cornish Rex, it is a hairless, fluffy cat with British roots.

Thoroughbred White Cornish Rex Cat on black background

Cornish Rex is indeed an unusual cat with a small body and a lovely egg-shaped head. Cornish Rex’s legs are long, but his ears are large. Feel happy that the Cornish Rex is a very affectionate living animal. Cornish Rex works a lot, will bond with your family. And of course, the Cornish Rex has minimal shedding – the top choice factor.

Bombay, entirely black cat

If you don’t like cats with colorful fur but the simplicity, then yes, you love black cats. Bombay could be an ideal choice for you, a famous, proud, and luxurious Bombay cat is the result of a cross between a Burmese cat and a short-haired American cat to create an incoming cheetah. This research process failed once and was then-booming, which Honner undertook.

Bombay possesses a short, smooth, sleek black flower, with little fall out; In some cases, Bombay’s fur is a primitive brown. And with this coat, yellow or copper eyes are always the highlight. Bombay looks quite like a Burmese cat but has muscular, massive skeletons and nears weighing 5 to 6 kg.

 Bengal is benevolent, friendly with a little bit of curiosity and mischief. 

They like moments with their owners. If you intend to raise Bombay, please take a moment to play with it!

The Siamese, Thailand cat

Siamese is not the re-created result of any experiment. It is the cornerstone of other results creating another cat in the world, one of the Asian short-haired cat.

Siamese comes from Thailand. In the world, some people believe that the Siamese is the pet of the royal family and others say that Siamese lives with Buddhist monks. Siamese features for your choice: short, low-shedding coat.

Siamese’s appearance is also quite impressive: soft, chocolate-colored feathers with glittering highlights are almond-shaped blue eyes. Besides, some other colors are also excellent, such as seal gray, light blue, chocolate color, and lilac color.

Another plus point of the Siamese is that it knows how to listen to the owner, smart, agile, and flexible. It is mostly good at catching the mouses, not lazy, like cats’ images in your imagination!

Portrait two lovely Siamese cats with blue eyes and creme fur enjoying their human hug

The Colorpoint Shorthair, a close relative to the Siamese.

The Colorpoint Shorthair is a low-shedding cat, a relatively close relative to the Siamese, and has similar characteristics to its cousin. Colorpoint Shorthair is very sensitive to its client’s feelings. If you have trouble, the cat will immediately find out and come to you, bury in your heart and comfort, and share. Another great point is that Colorpoint Shorthair is easy to make friends, talk, and live with love.

Another notable feature of Colorpoint Shorthair is that it has more than 100 different sounds than average cats. Because of that, their meow meow is very strange.

One point you should keep in mind is that although Colorpoint Shorthair is outgoing, open, affectionate, it does not adapt well to the new environment. So, once it gets used to your house, move as little as possible! It would be best if you choose a female to raise because males are very aggressive. It is ready to fight other children in your family if it feels threatened by its position or territory if you have many cats or other pets.

The  Javanese, a hybrid cat.

Which cats shed the least

Javanese cats result from a Balinese cat and a Colorpoint Shorthair cat, which belongs to the top 6 cats with remarkable blue eyes. It is brilliant and can comprehend your words and will respond with a meaningful meow. 

Javanese learns what you teach quickly and is also superbly loyal.

Therefore, teaching Javanese to go to the toilet is completely easy and in a short amount of time. Javanese love to run and climb and are very friendly with their owners.

Javanese appearance is quite impressive with a muscular body, long back but slender legs. The Javanese head is triangular with a pair of small oval shapes, large ears, and sunken cheekbones.

The next trait is also an important criterion in choosing your cat. The Javanese possesses a thick, short coat, less shedding, and a thicker tail. Three outstanding coat colors: dark brown, cream, gray

One thing to note with Javanese is that Javanese have an average life expectancy of 10-15 years, but often suffer from deafness or osteoarthritis. Take the time to take care of the Javanese and bring it to your veterinarian regularly for checkups.


Indeed, through this article, you probably already know the answer to “which cat shed the least?” is not it? You will be able to indulge in your love of cat farming without worrying about feline hair problems. Nor will they cough or sneeze. You wouldn’t worry when you have kids at home, and maybe the cat will be your child’s best friend?

Everything is fine. Could you choose one of our recommended cats? 

However, you also need to be aware of the information about cats! I hope you find a cat to breed as you like. I hope you will live happily with your lovely cat.


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