Many of us do not like some kind of vegetable, but everyone finds that it is strange when watching many videos about cucumbers on the internet. Specifically, these videos show that cats are strongly afraid of… cucumbers! So why are cats afraid of cucumbers? And is every cat afraid of cucumbers? Let’s find the answer!

In these videos, cats startle, leap, hastily run away or be ready to… fight when seeing cucumbers put next to them by their bosses. We cannot deny that the reflection of these cats is really funny. 

Videos are attractive as in each circumstance; different cats have different reflection, which leads to the fact that many people cannot help laughing. Some cats even fall because of being too scared. In general, their reflections are humorous.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers

This is the reason why this trend spreads out quite fast, even for a long time. Bosses of cats in videos like the way their cats react much. When watching clips on the internet about this phenomenon, a lot of bosses also try this way to see their cats’ reflection. 

Explain the phenomenon:


This phenomenon is not special. Do you find that in most cases, cats are only startled when suddenly detecting the big cucumbers behind them after they eat?  Like the human, eating is the time cats relaxing the most then they catch off guard.  

When cats are eating, then suddenly meet strange things; their bodies have an immediate reflection of jumping back or being startled and running away. You can put anything big enough next to cats when they are eating or distracting, you will see a similar thing to happen.


Some doctors explained this phenomenon, including Doctor Roger Mugford. According to Doctor Roger Mugford – a British zoologist expert, that phenomenon is an abnormal unconditional reflection when seeing a thing appearing in a position where there has not been anything before. 

And in cats’ brain, there are not any signals showing cucumbers behind them. This means that they have not seen any cucumbers before. So, when they look back and meet cucumbers, they immediately startle like a way of self-defense. 

Because in the past, they also hunt specific prey like mice by following prey gently. Therefore, when seeing something near them without generating any sounds, they will think that this thing is hunting them. They will react immediately to avoid being attacked. 
Specifically, when cats bend down to eat, their brains also release chemistry, creating comfort like the human brain. So, they can catch off guard a little bit. Meanwhile, cats’ instinct makes them doubt everything to avoid predators from attacking. Therefore, when seeing a long and big thing like a snake “suddenly” appearing behind their backs, their instinct makes them have an unconditional reflection – jumping back.

IFLScience also said that the reflection of fear in cats is not only to cucumbers but also when they see a strange thing appearing suddenly around them.  We can understand simply that cats are very wary of things tending to be furtive around them.

Jill Goldman explained on National Geographic that cats may think that cucumbers are snakes, a type of dangerous predators. The reason is that they cannot hear or be warned about anything. As a result, the sudden appearance of cucumbers makes cats not able to know what cucumbers are.    

The problem turns out to be not in cucumbers. The problem is that cats are afraid of any quiet and furtive things near them, and they do not know about that appearance, not only cucumbers.

In other words, cats are not afraid of cucumbers. They are afraid of the essence of the circumstance of something stealthily put next to them! This is similar to us. Just imagine that when we look back, meet cucumbers right in our bedrooms and do not know why they are there, we will be very scared, too!

This also means that if cats’ bosses in videos put a pineapple next to them stealthily, they will leap in fear, too. Many people only put cucumbers next to their cats to see their reflection, and this generates a trend of videoing the topic “cats are afraid of cucumbers.” Everything is just simple like that!

Awareness and action

This phenomenon seems to be so cute. However, according to Pippa Hutchison – another British zoologist expert – this is not good for cats. Specifically, Hutchison said that the sympathetic nervous system in cats’ bodies will activate the emergency function and give the bodies into “fight or flight” when catching guard off. This status will make cats’ bodies react very strongly and increase their heart rates at the same time.

“You should not bedevil your cat by making it startle, because it can leave you forever.” Pippa Hutchison warned. Surely you do not want this to happen. You always want to see signs your cat loves you, right?  

Anyway, bedeviling pets, specifically with cucumbers, is not good behavior. Goldman also said: “Bedeviling cats will make them stressful; that is surely not good.” He added: “If you make any others scared, then laugh, I have to question your humanity.”

Moreover, bedeviling cats can make them stressed for a long time because they are always prophylactic that there is something weirdo and following them. Cats will tend to hurt themselves or be destructive more.

Experts advise that we should not bedevil our cats by cucumbers. Additionally, if there is any new stuff in our house, we should gradually introduce it to our cats. The purpose is letting cats be familiar to it without thinking that it is some type of predators.      


Bedeviling cats regularly in this way will make them always stressful. This can create much harm for their bodies such as anorexia, tiredness, even heart failure, and death. 

Also, the relationship between bosses and cats has a risk of being worse. If you want your cat to play with new stuff, just let them feel safe when they touch it instead of making them live in fear. Cats’ comfort is the best gift for cat lovers, right?


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