You are surprised when you get home and find cats around your house. What do they want? Why are cats always around my house? Cats are hungry, or they want to beg something. If you have experienced this situation, you are in the right place. In this post, we will show you what it means when cats are always around your house. Also, you can know what you can do in this situation. Don’t miss it out!

The reasons why cats always around my house

Felines will not hang around your house without reason. Believe it or not. There are different reasons cats like hanging around the house, to look for food, shelter, or attract your attention. Let’s find out the specific reason for this. 

You always feed the cat.

You like animals, you like feeding some furry friends around the house, and it may be the first reason. When you feed the cat, this will build them a habit. Like other creatures, cats also love food. You always feed them when you are at home, and once cats know someone keeps feeding them, they will return to your door as a habit. They will stick around your house because you are supplying them with food that does not require too much effort to obtain. 

When you leave out food for some cats, other cats might see and appear around your location. No matter if the cat is stray or a house cat, it will stick around your house to be fed. It is not new behavior, don’t be surprised!  

Your baby cat makes new friends.

Studies indicate that felines can be social. It means that they tend to get friendly with other cats, including friendly neighbor cats and stray cats. For example, you have a four-legged friend, and he likes making new friends with other cats; and they gather to play together. That’s why cats always hang around your house. 

Have you ever wondered how far can cats hear? Cats are one of the 10 creatures with the most hearing ability in the animal world. Many studies have been conducted to prove the outstanding cat’s ability and give accurate data on the distance cats’ ears can hear. And their ability is respectable. The distance ranges from 45 to 64kHz, wider than 64 to 23kHz in humans. Cats have great instincts; hence, they still know their friends are hanging around although they are not allowed outside. However, you should be careful when your cat’s friends are the opposite gender.

Cats are hungry.

As we said earlier, cats beg something when they are always around your house. Especially, stray cats are common in the town when they are hungry and find food. In the U.S, it is estimated that the number of stray cats in the tens of millions. It is a considerable number. Hence, wild felines hanging around your house is ordinary. Spend your time to observe them and determine what they really need. 

Homeless cateating at street from plastic bowl

Walking on the street, you see many cats in your neighborhood finding food around the trash can. Unlike your house cat, wild cats are not fed and cared for by owners, and they are always banished. Why are cats always around my house? It seems that felines feel your house is a safe haven or a place where they are more than likely getting for food. Cats might find a food stash around your location. If you feel comfortable and cats don’t bother you, please let them free and put out some food once in a while. Your action helps satisfy cats’ hunger and give them strength, especially in the colder months.

Your house location

We can not ignore this reason. Where is your house? Your location is in the middle of a cat high way or a place where you easily get a nice bit of warm sun in a day. If you follow our well-built blog, you may know that cats like warmth. They feel comfortable and happy when playing, sleeping, or curving up near warm things. Take a little notice, you may find that cats always spend time sitting on a window ledge to sunbathing in the morning. 

Imagine, you wake up and open the door in the early morning; you see some four-legged friends sitting around your house and fence. They are sitting and catching sunshine in the early morning. It is a real heaven. You should get a cup of coffee and observe what these cats do to enjoy their new day. Generally, when you see cats always around your house, it means that your location is attracting them. In other words, your house is entirely safe for cats.

Cats are always around my house – what to do?

Care for cat’s immediate need

What does it mean? If you feel safe and interested in helping these cats, feeding and approaching them slowly. Start with a soft voice and offer these furry friends a bowl of cat food and water. You can give them shelter, if possible. 

If you love cats, try to develop a relationship with them by feeding. In principle, provide cats with a bowl of food to satisfy their hunger. They are attracted to food and will return to your house. However, be careful if cats are fearful or nervous. Be gentle and avoid touching them until they are calm and completely adapt to a new environment. 

Try to contact the owner

Pregnant mother and daughter. Little girl child in the summer meadow. Woman in a blue dress.

Cats always around your house belong to your neighbor. If they are house cats, they have tags with name, address, and how to contact their owners. You should follow the tags’ information to help them get back home and reunite the owner quickly.

In some cases, cats have no tag. You can bring cats to the nearest vet and pet shops to scan for a microchip. It is the most common and effective way to find the cats’ owners and help them get back home quickly. Nevertheless, in the worst situation, you cannot find the owner; don’t shoo them away by clapping and a loud voice. Consider fostering them or looking for a new home or animal shelter where it will be adopted. Today, there are many organizations and animal rescue groups, and you are rest assured to bring cats to these places.  

In the last words

Why are cats always around my house” is not a difficult question after reading this post. If you are in the situation or you are a responsible pet owner, never do anything harmful for cats. We hope that you could get more four-legged friends and allow your lovely pet to make more friends.

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