Cats are incredibly confusing animals. Until now, cats are still thought to be independent and self-contained animals, with little interest in human attention. If we pay attention, we will find that dogs will always show their emotions.

For example, when we get home, they will rush out and jump around like they are happy to pick us up; When we are sad, they may gently comfort us; When we curse them, they will look like they are trying to apologise and so on. And the behaviour and gestures of cats always is a mystery to us, right?

In fact, have you ever encountered a cat that keeps looking at you directly? And during those times, did you have any thoughts or behaviours? Do you have any questions about that

And you will continue to receive or ignore that gaze.

And this article will help you find the answer to the question Why are cats always attracted to me?

Here are the reasons for “Why are cats always attracted to me?”.

First, you relate to their food.

Have you ever thought that the cat is really attracted to you? When you meet a cat on the street or in your friend’s house or just happen to see, a cat staring at you as you prepare to enter the house. Think you have a charm that can seduce a cat? So, you laugh to yourself and hallucinate about it. In the end, he was disappointed to discover that what was captivating the cat was the canned seafood that is in your inventory or perhaps your cat’s food. Don’t be delusional and use your reason to analyze it!

Second, you are not a cat-lover, so you are cold, indifferent, and indifferent to the cat.

The colder you think you are to the cat, the more it will not care and will not care about you like “living water does not break well water.” But you are wrong, the more you are, the more you will turn into a magnet, attracting the cat, making it re-acquainted with you.

The main reason is that they believe that you are not a danger to them; you will not threaten or harm them. And that, of course, when you don’t care means that you don’t even want to go near it, it will feel safe and can give its trust by approaching you, bringing its hairy body. I ran across your feet instead of greeting.

Girl in a summer park. Woman in a blue shirt. Lady with little kitty.

While those who genuinely love it, it ignores them and doesn’t care about them, and even purrs, attacks, or may run away to any corner where they cannot find them. Usually, these people will automatically approach them, extending their arms to hold or cuddle. Of course, their intention is good, a loving hug, but for the cat, it is different; they think they are a threat, so no way, it accepts.

When you go to your friend’s house, you sit in a chair. Your cat will automatically befriend you again because it feels safe. When you sit in the chair, you are closer to the cats’ level and appear less threatening to the cat. Moreover, you are so cold; the cat will try to befriend you again, staring at you, so don’t be surprised. They really like the guests sitting in the chairs who show no interest in it.

For the third reason for this, it needs help.

 I’ll give you an example. When you walk on the road, you catch a cat staring at you or even coming up to you and cuddling you as if to beg and get acquainted. The cat looked pitiful. And again, do you think you have an attraction to cats? No, it’s just that you meet it when it’s gone from starvation, even the ability to catch mice is gone, so the only way is to nag at any visitor by asking for help and support. Please stop delusional!

Fourth, you are a perfect match for it.

According to Amelia, cats are interested in spiritual people, owing to the fact that cats have energy that connects with higher realms. As a consequence, it has the ability to sense a spirit, even communicating with one.

Spiritual People have a more significant energy field attracting cats. Cats can believe in those people more than others.

Similarly, people with big energy fields are attracted to cats owing to their high frequency. Imagine it like two people who are a match vibrationally. One can keep up with the other, keep them on track, and level their energy.

If you stay in touch with a person being grumpy and low in energy, while you are happy and full of positivity, there is a mismatch of energy neither one likes. So cats are cautious about choosing people who they trust owing to the fact that they can easily understand each one’s frequency field.

This does not mean that cats only prefer people practising spirituality. Not at all, when I say “spiritual people,” I mean people own a more innate connection.

Some don’t practice any form of spirituality, they don’t meditate, but they have more significant contact with their higher self. There is the fact that they are intuitive; they trust their inner guidance; they are positive. Those people have a more upper energy field, even if they do not know it.

Because cats have such high intuition and energy, when they purr at someone or try to draw a person’s attention, it demonstrates that this person has the right energy field.

One of my cats, for example, is very shy, and every time people come round the house, he suddenly disappears. He is scared when other people are around, but he “miraculously” decides to show affection towards specific people being with us. 

Fifth, it loves children

Have you ever seen a cat escape from a child? If the child treats it nicely, of course, they are drawn to hanging out with them. It is supposed that children have the purest hearts and most significant connection with their higher self.

However, there are also a few completely different cases. For some kids, they’re so naughty that it makes the cat angry. And it is unthinkable that if I left a ferocious cat and my naughty baby at home, what would happen? Be careful.


In short, with the information from the article, we hope you can better understand the cat, its behaviour, and habits to have a suitable treatment, to avoid unfortunate cases.

In my opinion, you should get to know cats better. They are indeed confusing animals. Try to open up to them if they like you. I believe then that stupid cat can become your soul mate!

Sincerely thanks.


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