Soft, breathtakingly beautiful, sometimes chilling, sometimes dog-like.

Those are characteristics of a ragdoll.

However, why we depict them in the name of rag and doll when they don’t look like any of those items?

If you are curious about why ragdolls are called that way, find out right in this article.

Why are ragdoll cats called ragdoll cats?

Ragdoll is the recent breed bred by Ann Baker in 1963. The offspring inherits the docile and calm personality from the initial litters. Those floppy cats would limp when someone picked them. That’s how they passed the name to present ragdolls.

But not all ragdolls would flop when you pick them. Some would get a little resistant to your hug before loosening their bodies.

So, if your ragdoll happens not to flop or limp, don’t be surprised. Even if your ragdoll doesn’t flop, his beauty and wonderful docile personality are still there.

And there are more reasons to adopt a ragdoll aside from their limping instinct.

What makes ragdoll wonderful cats? – Reasons to have a ragdoll

1. They love to be on your laps

Ragdolls are high-demand in companionship with humans. They love sitting on your lap, receiving petting, hugs, and kisses.

2. They have beautiful blue eyes (vary in shades and colors)

The splendor of a ragdoll comes not only from their long-haired coat but also from the wonderful eye color.

birman cat in front of white background

The bright blue eyes that look emotional and insightful like the color of the ocean are certain a hyped beauty matching their coat colors.

3. They are dog-like cats

Unlike many breeds, ragdolls feature pretty many dog traits. They follow you, talk to you, sleep with you, even play fetch.

Many owners also find that their ragdolls greet them at the door, even wait at the bathroom.

Like dogs, ragdolls need lots of attention and play. So, be sure you make time for the cat.

4. They love children

Many ragdolls promise to become protectors for their little baby boss from day one. They would not do any harm to the infant; instead, they play with the baby.

Having a ragdoll growing by your baby’s side will teach them to be gentle and more responsible.

5. They are perfect as indoor cats

Most of the time, you may find your ragdoll lounging by the window. There are independent kittens that can please themselves in the house without much outdoor activities.

If you live in an apartment or a place without a backyard, it’s ideal to have a ragdoll to share the place with you.

These cats also don’t have the fight instinct, making them great in a group of cats. But that is also a disadvantage as the cat may not know to defend when another cat attacks.

6. They are super affectionate

If you constantly get rejected by a cat, get a ragdoll. The breed never denies kisses or hugs.

They are social creatures that love to communicate. So, if you need to have a chat, find a ragdoll.

These cats are the kind that loves and trusts you ultimately. In return, they want lots of attention from you and sleep by you at night.

7. They are intelligent

If you think of training a cat to do tricks, a ragdoll cat will make a smart student.

They learn fast and are super responsive to cues and demands.

You can even train the cats to walk on a leash so that you can enjoy walking on sunny days with you.

Besides, you can teach the cats to play fetch along with the dogs. They don’t mind joining the other kind for friendship.

7. They are quiet cats

Though ragdolls are sociable kitties, they are not noisy. They may vocalize when it’s mealtime or for trading a sweet treat.

Because these are quiet cats, you need to observe their conditions as even when they are in pain; they would not release a meow.

In conclusion

I hope you know why are ragdoll cats called ragdoll cats now. Isn’t it interesting?

And if you need more reasons to own a cat of this breed, ask me. I’ll give you more reasonable answers in the comments.

Thank you and see you in new posts.


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