When it comes to cats, what is the image that comes to mind? Are the cats lying in the sun on the high roofs of the tall buildings or the beautiful cats who bathe themselves by licking them or cats that just like the soap on their owners’ hearts and pungent?

Have you ever noticed that a cat just keeps coming back and forth and coming out of the door like that without a definite destination?

If you haven’t noticed it yet, pay close attention to understand your cat’s psychology, and in particular, follow this post to the end, I believe you’ll enlighten the usefulness. And here, I will give a few hypotheses to answer this phenomenon of the cat.

Here is why can’t cats decide to go in or out

Firstly, this phenomenon may be related to the cat’s memory.

 If here we have three candidates for memory: human, dog, cat. That is also the order of memory level from high to low. We no longer talk about the human mind because humans are the most evolved creatures, and the dog can remember where it was for a minute while the cat could forget to which it needed to go in just 30 seconds. And with that argument, imagine that your cat needs to go to the toilet but notice something for 30 seconds, so it will forget where it needs to go and goes in.

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Photo by XuDong Wang on Unsplash

Secondly, also possible issues related to ownership. 

Sometimes, in a short amount of time, your cat will suddenly go in and out repeatedly. At first glance, you think that’s because it doesn’t make that decision. But maybe you’re wrong! That’s because it doesn’t want the owner to close that door. It wants the door to be opened because for a cat, it always sees the area behind the door as their territory, and want to be able to patrol, survey, hunt at any time. 

Thirdly, this is about checking your level of worth as her relatives. 

Ever, a cat insists that you have to open the door, and when it is open, it doesn’t go anymore or goes out for about five minutes and then goes in again. Does it not decide

whether to go in or out? It just wanted to check you. Anytime it demanded to open the door, and you do that, that’s it!

Fourthly, be concerned about companionship. 

Your cat goes out and then goes in again, meows at the door, or keeps going in and out of the door. That’s because it wants a companion. Be you, maybe your dog or both! 

In short, a cat is extremely confusing, isn’t it? But do not ignore it. Please understand your cat and take action to make your cat feel interested in making it be with you longer!

I hope the information in this article will help you and your cat.

Thank you very much for reading it. Good luck!


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