Cats have more keener and sensitive sense of smell than humans and relied heavily on this sense to search food, identify enemies, and establish their territory.

As a human, you like perfumes and aromas because these are made for the pleasure of the human senses. But do you know that cats hate perfumes? If you want to know the reason behind it and what to do about it, read the article below.

Why cats hate perfumes?

The reason behind hate is because they have a very sensitive nose, and a slightly unpleasant odor can irritate them. Cats are very sensitive to the effects of perfumes on their bodies. Inhaling perfume can cause adverse effects on the respiratory tract.

If you apply perfume or highly scented shampoo to the cat’s skin, it can cause skin reactions, lethargy, allergy, nausea, and sometimes irritation of the respiratory tract.

Cats generally roll on the grass after bathing to remove the scent of the perfume. Cats usually have their own scent, and that’s an important part of feline identity. Modern research has indicated that feline allergic airway disease has increased in cats due to the overuse of scented products.

Can perfume cause the death of a cat?

When a cat comes into contact with the perfume, she will immediately try to remove the unpleasant odor. Cats sometimes ingest perfume during fur grooming as they can get sick, and sometimes it can even kill cats. If you want your cat’s safety, never spray perfume on your cat.

Are there any special cat perfumes in the market?

Many feline accessory manufacturing companies have released cat perfumes; these perfumes are specially designed according to the sensitivity of the cat’s nose and will not cause any harmful effect on the cat’s health.

Do cats like the smell of air fresheners?

Cats don’t like the smell of air fresheners or any other household cleaning chemicals. The chemicals in these air fresheners and cleansers are so strong that a cat’s sensitive nose can’t take it. So avoid using an air freshener in the cat litter box.

Other smells that cats don’t like

Peppermint and menthol have a very pungent smell, and cats don’t like it. These have a refreshing effect on humans when used in the form of oil, candy, and liniments, but cats don’t like them very much. You can imagine that a single sniff of these can make them run in a corner until you discard the source of the smell. Cats also hate the smell of cinnamon, lavender, rosemary, and rue.

How can we get benefit from the smells cat hate?

Cats generally like to climb on furniture and sometimes scratch chairs or rip sheets. You can easily avoid these problems by simply spraying the scent on furniture.

If your cat starts urinating outside the litter box on the mat, you can also use perfume, vinegar, and menthol scent in places where the cat eliminates, and the cat will stop using these places.


People love the expensive perfumes they bought, but the cat-sensitive nose can’t stand these perfumes. If your cat is affected by the smell of perfumes, contact your vet immediately.


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