Citrus fruits are one of the important parts of our daily diet. Citrus is a seasonal fruit and is very popular among the fruits. Citrus or oranges remind us of the winter season and Christmas.

If you are a proud cat owner, have you noticed that your cat doesn’t like the citrus smell? If you want to know the reason why your cat hates the citrus smell then read the article below.

Why cats hate the citrus smell?

Cats hate the citrus smell, and the reason behind this is the strong and powerful citrus smell. Cats have a powerful sense of smell many times powerful than we humans do. As a human citrus odor, it is slightly detectable to us, but for cats, it has an unbearable odor.

Cats’ sense of smell is powerful but not as powerful as that of dogs, but a cat still detects many sensitive things.

This power of smell in cats is due to the presence of olfactory receptors or odor receptors. The name of the odor receptor is given because they detect the odor that we smell every day.

A human nose has almost 5 million olfactory receptors; on the other hand, modern research has reported that cats have 50-80 million olfactory receptors. Now you can imagine why they got irritated by the citrus smell.

Furthermore, these olfactory receptors help cats in daily life and are key to their survival. These receptors help them find prey and food. They also help them check the quality of food before eating it.

How can we get benefit from this?

Cats don’t like the citrus smell, and this can be very helpful to us. We can take advantage of this and not by hurting your cat. Citrus fruits, if used often to protect household and garden items here, I tell you how.

Cats dig in the garden to hunt. They love to dig a snake hole, a rabbit hole to get a tasty treat; Cats are regularly seen looking for prey. Cats also dig in the garden to hide their scent after doing business. Another reason to dig holes is for exercise purposes and to sharpen their claws.

So if you spent the whole day planting flowers and vegetables in your garden and you will find at night that your cat has destroyed everything by digging holes in your backyard. You can possibly get upset about this, but you can avoid this by using citrus that you like, and your cat doesn’t like it.

You can use citrus to protect your backyard, just put some citrus slices all over your backyard, and it can ease your tension because they are enough to scare your cat and restrict it to dig your yard.

Some cats don’t hate citrus

If your cat isn’t irritated by citrus, don’t be alarmed; however, there are exceptions. Some cat owners have reported that their cats do not hate the citrus smell.

However, this is an exception, and most cats do not like the citrus smell and can detect the citrus smell from a great distance.

Final words

The citrus scent maybe your favorite scent, but it’s irritating to your cat. Cats may not be interested in eating citrus, but their seeds, and plant may be toxic to them.


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