Many cats always sleep in an upside-down position and circle like a ball. Does your cat sleep like that? Here are some reasons why cats sleep hours upside down on their head. 

Cats feel safe and relaxed

Cats sleep hours upside down on their head may also cover their ears or eyes. Outdoors, they comfortably sleep with their heads up, which means they feel safe.

On the other hand, they feel very relaxed when sleeping with their heads up. That is very good for their health and mood. Cats always choose an outdoor location where they can see or hear everything. That makes them extremely interested.

Keeping warm

Cats have many different sleeping positions. Some cats sleep upside down on their head; most likely, they are keeping warm. When cats sleep on their heads, they curl up like a balloon to warm and keep the body’s temperature.

Cats are very different from animals like buffaloes, cows, or goats. When the cat feels cold, their nose and ears will feel it. Because their ears are thin, little hairs on their noses are wet. When you see your cat sleeping with his head up, it means that they are enjoying the warmth of the body.

The cats feel comfortable

No animal knows how to enjoy sleep like cats. If your cat is sleeping on it’s back, then it feels very comfortable. We can relax on our backs, but it’s not always a restful sleep. Because cats’ backs are a lot more flexible than ours, and their heads are under no pressure at all.

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When the cat lies on its back and looks at us

When the cat looks upside down and looks at us, likely, they are not tired enough to sleep. It would be great if the cat relaxed and laid back on us. If they lie on their back and extend their body, they are warm enough. On the contrary, if they are lying on their back curled up, they are trying to keep the body warm.

We now have the full knowledge of cats’ behavior and sleeping positions. No matter how they sleep, they look cute. You should be close and chat with them often. They are compassionate and need to be loved.


That’s surprising, cats sleep hours upside down on their head. Now you know the reasons why your cat sleeps so long in that position. You should pay attention to the small actions of cats because your cats are sensitive animals. And their sleeping postures also show many things.


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