In a family with a daughter, the jewelry will be somewhere in the house. Because being a girl, no one does not want to wear jewelry.

However, if the family were to raise a cat at the same time, that would happen! I assume you are a husband who loves his wife and loves the cat.

Unfortunately, the cat spoiled your wife’s jewelry and then got into conflict. What should you do to resolve the dispute?

Want to find a solution? Of course, you have to find out the reason. The article mentions the reasons why a cat bites jewelry.

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Why do cats bite jewelry?

There are so many reasons for this question. If you are the cat owner and want to make a reconciliation between the two sides, you must understand the cause. Because only when knowing the core cause can you solve the problem without offending your wife. Besides, you also prevent the damage that the cat does cause harm to your family and protect the health of the cat.

Why do cats bite jewelry
dressed bengal kitten in front of white background

First, it is the lure of jewelry

You know, cats are just like us humans. Humans entering the mall are sure to be attracted to something that shines, be it gold, silver, platinum, etc.—just looking at owning right now!

When a cat sees a ring, it will also be attracted by the luster of the jewelry. That is also quite normal. And the difference between cats and humans is quite clear. People want to own jewelry, but cats treated it as a toy and then bit it. More dangerous than if it accidentally swallowed. I don’t dare to imagine it yet!

Compulsive behavior disorder

Second, the second reason seems a bit more serious. It is a compulsive behavior disorder in cats. As far as we know, there are many cases of cats with the compulsive disorder. The result is irreversible, even extreme behavior in the absence of treatment. Any objective factor can influence the cat. The bite of jewelry or metal is the result of this behavioral disorder.

I remember that when I was a child, my family raised a cat, and she likes to bite the metal chair legs, even found my mother’s necklace, and bit it. After going to the vet, the cat was found to have a behavioral disorder.

Third, stress is also a cause of the cat’s jewelry-biting behavior

Like humans, when we are stressed or anxious, we cannot control our behavior. We can do things that we may not have done before. I can give an example when the husband is stressed, he has no control over his behavior and can beat his wife, which he does not want. Cats are stressed, anxious when lacking attention and care, and will have to do something to relieve the mood. As a result, it bites jewelry.

Fourth, there is a lack of nutrients

Naturally, a cat’s food contains a full range of substances to ensure that the cat has a healthy body through a nutritious and healthy diet. But that doesn’t always happen. Different cats have different lifestyles and lifestyles. 

There are some cases where cat food does not provide enough essential substances and is not enough for cats to function or maintain some cats’ habits and lifestyles. Let me give you an example that Bengal is a highly active cat. 

So, of course, it will need more energy, protein than other cats. Insufficient power here means that cat food does not have enough micronutrients and minerals, leading to constant cravings and strange behavior in cats. It can also be understood that they will look for objects, of which jewelry is no exception. 

Aside from that, there is also a slight reason for nutrient deficiencies that are commercial cat food recipes. Usually, house-owned cats must always prepare well-balanced meals through a food supplier.

And when you repurchase them, you don’t know how to prepare cat food properly. Like a tree, when you buy it green and fresh, but you do not know how to take care of it, it will no longer be beautiful.

The fifth reason is the symptoms of pica

Pica is the phenomenon of eating inedible foods. Cats can be added, paper, metalware, or jewelry. The goal is to reduce stress, anxiety, relieve pain, or want to replenish the deficiency but make mistakes.

This pica phenomenon mainly occurs in small cats, but there are also cases where adult cats have this phenomenon. Pica-related diseases include: specific oral disease, gum pain, and jewelry biting can reduce pain, thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, or genetic disease.

Some solution to the problem

The reasons I give above are mainly cat disease. If you love cats, try spending more time caring and caring for the cat. Spend plenty of time with it to promptly detect unusual symptoms and immediately bring them to the nearest veterinary facility to prevent future adverse effects. Spend time with the cat, let the cat be happy, forget any unpleasant things, or not stress or worry about anything. Another solution is that you can stop using jewelry anymore. Pay attention if the cat is interested in your jewelry for you and the cat’s health. 


You can see that anything objective can affect your cat if you are indeed a person who is busy with work. I do not recommend keeping any animals, especially cats. Because cats are introverted animals, their moods are like girls, morning, afternoon, and rain.

If you love and want to raise a cat, consider carefully and spend a lot of time taking care of your behaviors and promptly detecting unusual manifestations and handling them immediately.

I think you had an answer to the question ” Why do cats bite jewelry” 

Good luck to you and your cat! I hope that the article will help you.


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