In the world, technological inventions are gradually prevailing. In it, it is impossible not to mention the invention of the smartphone or, in other words, the touch phone. Almost everyone in the world owns a smartphone. Both adults and children use phones a lot and are almost as addicted to the smartphone as drug addiction. Love such phones, but naturally, your beloved cat bites your phone, how will you react? Angry, annoyed, or gentle on the cat? 

You don’t even understand why your cat behaves like this.

If indeed you don’t know why your cat is behaving like this, then your cat’s understanding level is at that alarming level! If you knew the reason, how fine would it be to solve this problem! But then, calm down!

 Let us find out!

The phenomenon of a cat biting your phone 

One fine day, you are fiddling with your phone. Maybe you are playing a coalition game. Perhaps you are video calling with your girlfriend or your family. Maybe you are reading the newspaper every day, and so on. Suddenly, your beloved cat appears out of nowhere, purring with you, scratching your hand, and more than that, biting your phone.

Why do cats bite My phone?

The first reason is that the cat is jealous of your phone

Think about it. You have a cat. You live with it and treat it like a friend. And then one day, you have a phone. In addition to working time, you always plug your face into the phone, roam all the social networking sites. You neglect your dear cat. But you forget that cats are an introvert. It will quickly recognize the presence of the phone as its threat. It considers it your wife and that nasty phone is the mistress. 

It thinks you are tired of rice and crave pho. If you watch the movie a lot, you know, there are many cases where the wife is so jealous that the acid is thrown out – a corrosive substance to everything and extremely dangerous. And so are the cats. By all means, it has to destroy the phone. As a result, it bites the phone and leaves an unnecessary scratch on it!

The second reason is that it wants to communicate with you

 This is also a very familiar thing. A cat is not a human. It is an animal. Cats cannot speak human languages, and that is also a disadvantage to it. When it wants to talk to you like a dream girl, she will gently approach you. And perhaps biting your phone is also a gesture to express what it wants to say. Please accept this.

The third reason is it wants to play with you

Indeed, cats love to play with humans. Sometimes those inanimate toys cannot satisfy them. They don’t like anything motionless. Think about it. Cats love to play with wool rolls. Because when it touches, roll up. Sure, the roll-up will roll away because of its spherical texture. Then up will fly around. At least there was a little movement in the roll. And how many more people than that! When cats are bored, cats want to play with humans to relieve mood. But found that you have attended other than it. But it wants you to play with it. So it bites your phone to get attention. Perhaps the cat knows that your phone is essential to you. And then you will have to put your phone away to avoid unfortunate results. That way, the cat will win you back. 

The fourth reason is that your phone contains your smell

You are a close friend of cats. Of course, the cat loves you and always wants to be with you. Cats love your scent too. Suppose you do not know that cats will often look for things you can use to keep close when you are not at home. The cat feels like you are with it. Your phone smells of you. So the cat approached and bit it.

It sounds strange, but this is the truth. The cat’s sense of smell is perfect. Your scent stays on your phone through sweat or sebaceous glands. That’s why your phone tries to get the cat’s attention. Your cat sees your cellphone as its toy. And as far as we know, play comes with biting. 

The fifth reason sounds pretty banana

Your phone attracts the cat’s attention through its cover. A shiny shell or vivid textures can also amuse your cat, and it will start to treat your phone as a reluctant toy.

And as far as we know, play comes with biting. 

The sixth reason is that the phone evokes your cat’s predatory instincts. 

When you use the phone, it makes a lot of sounds. To you, these sounds are familiar, but to cats, they are extraordinary. It pokes curiosity in cats. It excites cats, feeling like a mouse squeak. Therefore, the sound emitted from the phone stimulates its hunting instincts. As a result, it caught the phone and bit it!


There are seemingly simple reasons like those that cause cats’ psychological thoughts and cause cats to behave like that! I think the post has helped you understand a little bit, “Why do cats bite My phone.” Whatever the reason, I do not recommend using your phone when your cat is home. Put the phone aside as it will affect all of your relationships anyway. Spend more time taking care of and caring for your cat. 

Spend more time getting to know cats. Cherish your cat so that you can live a long and happy life with it. Thank you for reading the article. Good luck to you! 


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