We often gather together and then gossip. whenever we meet and even almost immediately something just happened. This needs at least two or more people. Have you ever seen that in your pet? Really, there is also in your little cat. Well, what do you think of a cat chittering, like a bird? And Why Do Cats Chitter? Let’s find the answer below!

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Why Do Cats Chitter?

In fact, cats have a lot of quirky behaviors or habits. And often they confuse us. Chitter, well, this is also an action makes us wonder why cats do. Of course, for some reason, right?  Here we will share with you about those reasons, in case you don’t know. You can refer to them below.


Yes, your cat will be chittering when it is in a state of excitement. They widen their eyes and stare at the subject of that interest in them. That is the prey. Chittering is a cat’s reaction to prey. They make these sounds like a way to turn out the utmost joy when they discover that it may be their next meal (or a new toy they’re about to play with naughty). Is that easy to understand? It’s just like us knowing that we will taste a very good, very famous dish.

You can observe and see the scene: one morning with warm sunshine, your cat was staring out the window and chittering with an unexpected bird. As noted, birds are the favorite prey (next to the mouse) of cats and they like to hunt small birds. In fact, some cats prefer birds to mice. because research has shown that cats are attracted to small animals that fly back and forth or move at a fast pace. They often trigger a cat’s hunting instinct.

But the question is: why aren’t cats so excited when they see their food that we are about to feed them? Well, it seems that the mystery about cats is quite hard to explain clearly.


One theory put forward as another explanation for cat chattering is frustration. When you don’t achieve a goal do you get angry and constantly blame yourself? When you are not enjoying a drink or an attractive dish, are you going to talk about it a lot with regretful regret? Surely we all do the same. And that could also be a reason that cats chitter because their goals are out of reach. Chittering can be a way to show their irritability when the annoying but delicious bird cannot be hunted.

Like the “kill bite”

Originating from the hunting instinct of wild cats that are broken in and gradually became domestic cats, some researchers have shown that the rapid jaw movement of cats is similar to the bite movement. A quick and tidy bite can instantly knock down the prey. The fact that all cats are recognized as perfect hunters and they can kill prey even bigger than themselves. Therefore, it is likely that the cat is training for such subsequent hunting. However, if you notice, you will often see that the cat will do that action and make sounds like a conversation when it is staring at a specific object (or prey).

Besides, some people think that cats performing that action are unconscious. Because they can be fixed to the target so that their mouths instinctively move, even if they cannot chase their prey.


Wildlife researchers speculate that chittering might be part of the hunting technique. However, this speculation is based on their studies with wild cats in the wild, not the domestic cats we are targeting. Scientists in the Amazon rainforest recorded a case of a feral cat mimicking the monkey’s cry to try to attract this animal. They hide behind a tree, watching the monkeys nearby. And then, they heard the cat making a new and strange sound. It directs the sound towards the monkeys as if inviting and calling the herd. The cat used a mimic tone in an attempt to attract adult prey within the close range of it. This is recognized by the people living along the Amazon jungle.


No matter what the reason cats chitter, they are always so funny and cute. There are always interesting, new and mysterious things in this small, soft cat. And that is always something that appeals to us as well as a source of research and discovery of surprises in life.

There may also be other real reasons for cats to act like that. But they all show that cats are just like us humans, they also have a world of language and behavior connected to this world in a particular way.

Researcher Fabio Rohe of the Wildlife Conservation Society has commented that cats can copy prey from their prey. And the level of the resemblance of sounds that cats imitate is quite high. Because exactly the monkeys in the study of Rohe, according to his sharing, were deceived. This is exactly a special and interesting ability of cats.

What should you do when cats chitter?

Cat’s chittering is very rare, and if that happens, only at certain times and circumstances. Therefore, not all cat owners can easily see or see their cats chittering.

According to the observations, cats often chitter nonsense when they sit by the window, where they can see the vast space outside and they can find their favorite prey, birds. If you see your cat staring out of a window, its mouth is shaking like a chewing motion and making a strange sound, that’s when your cat is chittering. In this case, you have two choices: either you let it continue like that, or you play with it. According to experts, cats often release this action because of frustration than other reasons. At the same time, that action helps relieve the negative feeling of not catching the prey as it wants. So, whatever you choose, you give it space and time to alleviate those negative feelings. Of course, we still recommend the latter: Play with cats. By the way, your cat will stop chattering. On the other hand, playing with your pet makes your relationship with him more intimate and more fun.

Things you should pay attention

Because of the previous frustration, your cat will probably become more aggressive, more difficult to indulge. That means you could be scratched or pinched by a cat. So, you should be careful.

The Bottom Lines

Now that you know Why Do Cats Chitter and a few things to note about that cat’s action. This article may not be the most comprehensive yet, but hopefully, it will be helpful to you.

Cats are one of the cutest animals on earth. That is why they are very popular. Not except us and you. So, if you have a good idea or would like to argue further to find a solution to a cat problem, please leave a comment below. We will work with you to find the answer.


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