A cat can take a bath with just his tongue. This behavior is continuously repeated throughout the day and appears to expand to a great extent rather than itself — group grooming.

The question “why do my cats groom each other then fight?” has already pop-up in your mind if you’re a multiple-cats owner. What a heart-melting thing it is when your cats lick each other. It undoubtedly brings the “aww” out of you. And then, seconds later, they fight each other as their lives depend on it.

Why Do Cats Groom Each Other

Keep reading this article to figure out why do cats groom each other and the functionality of this action.

Reason for grooming

You can argue that grooming is merely to fulfill a cat’s desire to maintain the beauty that is its fur. While it is valid, the grooming ritual that happens among the cats is indeed a multiple-benefit-oriented behavior from physical to psychological.

This explains why the cat’s tongue has developed to adapt to this behavior. It is rougher and grittier to catch all the impures and to clean appropriately. Cats take their cleaning department very seriously. From left-over food, smell, and build-up fur, they obsessively care about getting rid of that. And since their tongues can only reach for specific parts, they need another hand to help.

Felines will prepare each other in a signal of warmth or insurance. A few regions, for example, their very own faces, ears, and the highest points of their heads, are hard for felines to clean, and they will depend on a mate or kin to loan a tongue. Sometimes, you can play this part as well.

Another explanation is that cats show love through their grooming rituals. It’s a sign of social acceptance among the cats in your house and rooted firmly in the ordinary. It can appear under the realm of sniffing and grooming each other. Some scientists even argue that this is a more prevalent telling sign of the cat’s affection than anything else. 

Moreover, licking is a type of unwinding. On the off chance that your kitty is restless, worried, or for the most of sorts, at that point, they will lick themselves for comfort. The activities loosen up them and likely summons the sentiment of being mothered as a cat. This licking is usually done on the body’s side or licking their paws, finishing with scouring over their heads and noses. We must be cautious, nonetheless.

Over the top, licking can indicate that this pressure is excessively and that there is either a physical or mental issue. You can deem this a call for help that your cat makes.

Grooming because of biological disadvantages.

Another explanation behind licking is because of a feline’s absence of sweat organs. In the same way as other vertebrates, these are just situated on the stack of their paws. This is the reason when it is hot; they can’t depend on this small region of their body to direct their temperature.

This is the place licking comes in. It does as such by leaving a trail of spit when they lick themselves. At the point when this salvia dissipates in the warmth, it gives the feline a crisp sentiment of coolness.

Grooming is an inherited behavior.

It is important to note that the cat’s mom cleans her children by herself after birth. Grooming then becomes a cat imprinted instinct to check whether or not its babies are breathing. It is also to avoid predators due to the smell of the lingering blood after-birth.

After that, a cat’s mom takes care of her babies down to their personal hygiene. The licking behavior is also associated with the connection and affection of maternal consciousness. It explains how cats from the same heir usually groom each other.

That is the routine for the first four weeks of any cat’s babies. From that point, they learn and imitate to clean for themselves and carry down this tradition. 

Can this be a sign of any health problem?

Yes, it can be. Even though the general consensus is that the cat is individualistic, it is surprisingly a social animal. They can sense the non-wealthy ones in the home and lick them as a form of comforting. This is when you need to take your cat to the vet for a medical check.

Do this immediately if you notice cats lick others in the same spot, area. It can be a sign of open wounds or even organ failures ranging from the kidney to heart. So yes, one answer if you’re asking why do my cats groom each other can be that your fluffy ball of fur requires medical attention.

Why do cats groom each other and then bite?

It can be a sign of playfulness among the cats. Another answer to this question is that the maternal instinct of the cat reel in. However, if they’re going off each other, the answer to this question is much more complicated.

cats groom then bite

One explanation lies in the social structure established between your cats. Research shows that cats have their own hierarchy, and the ones higher on the board will lick the ones who are lower. The grooming behavior can be a way to ease the tension between classes. If the conflict keeps building up, the fight will eventually go down.

However, this is only a hypothesis from original research. There’s more depth into why do cats groom each other than fight. In this case, the wise thing to do is separate them for a while and let the bonding happen gradually.

If this is a situation of you putting another cat into your house, the grooming and biting can have several meanings. One, it can be the 1st step of agreeing and accepting one another. It is usually the newcomer at the receiving end of the licking. Imagine saying, “you’re now one of us” in the cat’s language.

Another possibility is that your initial cat (or cats) feels uncomfortable around your new one. Therefore, you need to make room for the two groups – separately but not isolatedly. Step by step, introducing them to each other for around 10 minutes per day. It is an excellent way to ensure your cat doesn’t feel threatened and to reel your new addition to the family in agreement with the previous members.

Why do male cats groom each other?

The obvious answer is that they like each other. Acceptance, connection, and affection are not framed by gender. So yes, your male cats licking each other is just a regular activity, no need to worry.

If you’ve already checked all the possibilities above (especially for your cat needing medical attention), this behavior among your male cats won’t wave any flag. Except they fight afterward, then you need to read the why do cats groom each other and then fight part again.

What is your responsibility in all of this?

We have given you all the reasons why your cats are grooming each other and prove that this is a necessity for them. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you pay attention to this behavior as a cat’s owner to meet all of your cat needs.

You’re also responsible for recreating this ritual for your cat if he or she is a loner in the house. It’s a great way to keep your cat relaxed and to be close to him or her. Now you can understand why your cat enjoys petting over the head and scratching around the neck area.

In conclusion

We’ve run down some of the reasons why cats groom each other. Hopefully, we’ve covered your question, for more article on how to take care of your lovely cat, check out this blog.

Even though he prepares himself, a feline that sheds a lot or has long hair needs day by day brushing to keep his hide free of mats or bunches. A feline with a shorter coat ought to be cleaned or brushed a couple of times each week, wiping out a portion of the hide he would find some way or another swallow. 

You should spend more time grooming the more established or sick feline that has little enthusiasm for cleaning himself. This also applies to an overweight feline that can’t arrive at where he needs to wash. If your feline is grimy or has gotten himself into something untidy, shower him with lukewarm water and feline cleanser (human cleanser dries out cat skin). After that, flush and dry him thoroughly.

Kitty-cat blog has an amazingly detailed post on how to choose grooming equipment for your cat. They also introduce you to some of the best items on the market with recommendation notes. Check out the article: https://www.kitty-cats.blog/cat-grooming-arch/.


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