People usually come with some popular routines, such as hugging bolsters while sleeping, having breakfast with drinks, or working at night. You guys will have at least one of these. So how about regular singing? The number of people who regularly sing, especially while having a bath, must be amazing, and cat owners are not in the exception.

However, they are nearly getting the same problem with their cats – these cats get mad or at least show the discomfort whenever their masters are singing. Why do cats hate singing? This is the topic today, so let’s get started. 

Why Do Cats Hate Singing?

Then you ask, why do cats hate singing?

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Cats have different reactions to your singing, but most of them seem to be hate singing very much. Well, cats react poorly to human singing for several reasons, and here we share with you about them, in case you don’t know. 

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Cats Are Very Sensitive To Sounds

Cats have been powerful predators before humans turned them into domestic pets, so their senses of hearing and seeing in the dark remain super sensitive. Cats can hear sounds that humans cannot, and even the smallest one could extremely damage your cat’s hearing. With peoples’ habit of singing loudly, your poor cat may be suffering from those overwhelming noises.
You don’t want this to happen, right? So we recommend you to keep your voice at the minimum volume whenever your cat’s in your house. If you don’t know whether she’s there or not, try to maintain the smallest voice unless you see your cat running out of your home.

Cats Don’t Enjoy The Type Of Music That Humans Do

Some recent studies show that cats enjoy music, but not which humans like. Our feline friends show their interest when listening to species-specific music, which has similar tempos to the sound they used in natural communication. For instance, you cannot understand what it means when you hear your cat meowing or purring. Sometimes, they may be singing the way they want, enjoying the music they like.

Don’t wonder why your cat does not share your appreciation of a ballad song from Taylor Swift, it’s not her cup of tea! So do you want to know which is? Some unique soundtracks were created based on cats’ communication. Try playing some of them, see how they react to each one, and find out which type of music cats want to listen to.

Every Cat Is Individual

You ask why do cats hate singing when you see your cat getting mad when you sing, but sometimes, things would not go that way. Try asking your friend who has a cat about her reaction while he’s singing, the result may be different. Each cat has a different response to humans’ singing, and you will see plenty of cats that love their owner to sing. Some can sing! And they sing with their owners.

Humans like something that makes the other one crazy, and so do cats. As a result, you cannot assume that your cat hates you singing while you have never sung with her nearby before.

How To Know If My Cat Hates Singing?

As I mentioned right above, you should not assume that your cat hates singing unless you have seen her bad reaction to it before. So there must be some ways to know if a cat hates singing, right? And now is the time for them.

The easiest way to know if your cat hates singing is to sing in front of them. Yeah! And then see how she reacts to it. If she gets mad, congratulation, you cannot sing with her for the rest of your life. Remember to not singing too loudly as it can damage your cat’s hearing and make her scared.

Small tip: try to sing with the lowest volume as possible. In case you see your cat with an uncomfortable face afterward, better luck next time.

Go To Understand What Your Cat Needs

People always want to understand how their pets feel. With cats, the animals that usually hide their feelings, you need to get along with them, try to gently communicate with them, and pay attention to even the smallest reaction of your cat.

Patience is essential. There are many specialized soundtracks for animals these days, so try playing with them. If you find out which type of music that your cat enjoys, her life would be much better with its appearance.

The Bottom Line

Now you know why do cats hate singing and additionally how to tell if your cat hates singing and the importance of understanding what cats feel.

If you have any questions not included in this post, send them to us by leaving a comment below, and we will try our best to answer.

However, we always hope that this post would be useful for you. Have a nice day, and enjoy the beautiful life with your cat.


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