Most owners of cats and dogs always make a mental list of things pets love. Got it? “Cats like fireplaces or warm things” are also on the list. Many share that their furry friends like sitting next to fireplaces to heat themselves. You don’t know this cat’s behavior, but that’s okay. No one knows everything when we’re born, and we are learning new things every day. In this article, we focus on the question “why do cats like fireplaces.” Here’s a primer on the most common of pet behaviors.

Why do cats like warm things and fireplaces?

Many pet owners think that cats love fireplaces than dogs do. Is it right? Are kitties comfortable when sleeping or curling up close to warm things? Some say it’s comfortable while others don’t know. Let’s find the reason.

Cats’ body temperature

Do you know what the normal body temperature of your furry friend is? Normal cat body-temperature ranges from 101.4 to 102.5 degrees (38-39°C). Compare to our human body temperature, it’s higher. But it is not a problem; even your fluffy friend can afford a higher tolerance to heat. That’s why felines always lie or sleeping close to warm things, and they feel comfortable. If you were born in a countryside area, you would notice that kitties’ favorite sleeping place is in ash out of the fireplace. 

Why do cats like fireplaces? Cats have a high body temperature; hence, they have a better tolerance to heat, experts explain. Also, cats’ fur is an insulator. When a kitty sleeps in front of the fireplace and sometimes fire flying sparks may spit out and touch the fur. But he does not keep an eye on, and it never seemed to hurt him. 

Cats like warmth

When you wake up in the morning and see your pet is sleeping or curling up on your bed. Don’t get angry! It’s not uncommon as your pet like warmth, and he is trying to connect to you. Similarly, cats like fireplaces as they are seeking warmth.

Take a little notice, and you can find that your furry friends prefer lying in places with slightly higher temperatures, such as next to the heater, fridge, laptop, and so on. Often, these places have higher temperatures than other positions in the room.

Soft photo of woman on the bed with notebook, cup of coffee, top view point.Female legs in warm woolen socks.

If you live in an area with a cold climate, kitties will definitely crawl into your bed with you or find fireplaces to heat themselves. The thick fur is not enough to keep your furry babies warm every time and everywhere.

However, located too close to the heat source may be dangerous for your pets. To help your feline feel comfortable, prepare a cat bed or box near fires is necessary. These items provide a perfect sleeping and protect your pet from diseases. 

Cats are curious

If you search the question “why do cats like fireplaces” on the Internet, some explain that kitties are enjoying the fire show. As we all know that cats are so curious, and the light can attract pets’ attraction. They like fireplaces and playing with flying sparks spit out of the unit. 

How to provide warmth and keep kitties safe around fireplaces

Once you find your answer to the question “why do cats like fireplaces“, learning how to keep the cat warmth is necessary. Let’s imagine! The cat can be burned if he touches the fire on the fireplaces. Or cats may create danger by his mischief, for example, pulling something like towels down over the gas or wood-burning fireplaces. A jump may start a fire. Be aware of it! So how can pet owners do to provide warmth and keep the cat safe?

Invest a proper heated cat bed

As we said earlier, cats like warm things. Your mission is meeting the pet’s requirements without the danger. Because cats’ fur is not too thick and not warm enough in the winter days, it means that fluffy friends will get colder in winter. Hence, you should buy a heated bed for your lovely feline where he can curl up and sleep well inside.  

When selecting this item, remember to check its quality and size that is suitable for your pet. For instance, a small bed is for a single kitty, not share or for a large cat who always stretch out. A heated bed gives your kitty a safe and warm place. Don’t forget to check the product’s heating level to provide warmth enough to the cat. Many products are activated by your cats’ weight, and the heat is adjusted to avoid burns. Besides, a heated bed is a fantastic way to protect felines from health problems, such as arthritis or stiff joints. 

If you have not found an excellent heated cat bed yet, you can place a pillow or a box near the heat source. Make sure that the distance is safe for your pets. 

Lock fireplace screen

Do you use a wood-burning fireplace or the electric one in winter? Please install a barrier in front of the item or lock the fire screen to protect yourself, your children, and your felines, as well. The fire screen is the necessary feature to protect your family from burning. Always, cats are mischievous, and they cannot stay in one place for a long time. Notably, they really like curling up, sleeping, and playing around the fire. Because kitties might not understand fire is dangerous, they may be in danger when playing too close to the fireplaces. Hence, if you utilize a wood-burning fireplace or other brands, install a proper fireplace screen. Now your cat has a nice, safe, and warm place to sleep and play every day. 

Additionally, buying baby gates or free-standing walls are other options to keep your nosy cat out of fireplaces. These are fantastic ways to keep most pets a safe distance from the danger. 

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Train your pet

Last but not least, spend time to teach your kitty some rules so that he will not approach too close to fireplaces. He might be at risk for burn if he plays around it. Even a wagging tail in the area can make him be on fire. Ensure that your pets understand that fireplaces are not for play and will not go near the fire. Therefore, kitties will have no opportunity to hurt themselves. 

In the bottom line

Why do cats like fireplaces? We want to state that it is an entirely normal behavior of felines. Kitties like fireplaces for different reasons, they like warmth, be curious, and so on. However, you have to ensure that these places are secure for your cats. Please spend time on understanding and finding out how to play with cats

We do hope you find this article blog useful and don’t forget to SHARE this information with others. And follow our well-built blog for more information related to your pets. We are sure that pet owners will find interesting things about lovely animals and figure out the meanings behind their behaviors. 

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