Almost all cat owners follow cat accounts on Instagram or Facebook. Some follow more than two accounts, and others may follow at least one or two. That means they don’t feel strange when seeing the photos of cats loafing. A loaf position occurs when your cat sits, and its paws are tucked beneath the body. That time you will see that your feline friend is very resembled a bread loaf. I’m sure most cat owners are accustomed to such a loaf position, but how many of them have considered why their cats do that? I will explain it in this article. Let’s explore together! 

The reasons why cats loaf

In the view of veterinarians, loafing can be explained for multiple reasons. Some people suppose their cats do that just because they want to become more adorable. Nevertheless, things are not such simple. Let’s find out the reasons below. 

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A loaf position is thermoregulation. 

Typically, a healthy cat will maintain its body temperature between 100.5- and 102.5-degrees Fahrenheit. The degree in the middle of this range is called the “thermo-neutral zone.” If your cat is in this status, it will needn’t expend any energy to cool or heat its body. As a result, tucking the feet in will help your felines remain their body heat as well as the thermo-neutral zone. This may also be a nice explanation for why cats rarely budge when being in front of the heater in cold weather. 

Additionally, cats can also encircle themselves with their tails, or even cover their noses. Don’t feel strange if you see your feline friend has this sign. It just simply shows you that your cat is cold. 

Note: A temperature that is warm for you is not always warm for your felines because your resting body temperature is lower than theirs. 

In a nutshell, loafing is a position that can help to warm your cats’ bodies. 

Loafing is a sign that cats are feeling content and happy. 

I believe this is the reason that will make any cat owners feel happy. 

All the cat owners realize how a skittish cat looks like, even when it is around its owner. Thus, if your cat is nearby you and is loafing, let’s feel happy because your feline friend trusts and feels comfortable when being around you. How sweet and happy it is, right? 

If you see your cat has its paws tucked in, it means the cat feels secure and no need to defend itself. At that time, it feels so relaxed and can let the guard down. 

In summary, loafing is content and happy status of cats. 

Sometimes, loafing may be a warning sign. 

Loafing is cute, but it is sometimes a warning sign that your cat is in trouble. And, the difference between the good and bad sign is not always clear. As a result, learning when loafing is a warning sign is critical. 

As a cat owner, you already know that your cat is extremely good at concealing its injury and illness. Thus, you will rarely see it express the discomfort or pain if the situation is not too dire. Hence, it is more significant than ever to get attentive to that as early as possible. 

If you see your feline friend have a loaf position uncharacteristically, it is a sign of pain. Specifically, when it licks its paws more than usual or favors one of its legs, you should take it to the vet. He will help it to check out and cure its illness. 

Other signs of unwell cats include loss of appetite, changes in toileting, and lethargy. 

Other body languages of cats you may concern 

Below are some behaviors that can give you the spectrum of cat emotions. This will include all feelings, from playfulness to discomfort. Let’s learn together!


This behavior is sometimes called “making biscuits.” It is usually seen in kitten when they use the paws to stimulate their mothers’ bodies to produce milk.

Sitting in the boxes

This is because cats are domesticated animals. I mean, being in the cozy and unobtrusive places is instinctive when they are in the wild.

Chirping and clicking  

Such behavior occurs when birds are outside—no need to worry too much about it because it is just a hunting reflex.

Cats roll onto their back 

When your feline friends are in this position, it means they want to convey playfulness or submissiveness. Consider carefully before you decide to accept their offer. Your invitation to touch their belly can be a trap. Just protect your hands! 

Slow blinking and squinting 

Your felines only do that when they trust you. If you want to show them back that you also trust them, take a deep look into their eyes and then blink slowly. And, one more thing you need to remember. Don’t do anything to betray their trust. 

Cats like to sit on laptops, next to TVs or any other electronics 

How many times have you seen they do that? Are you curious why? Simply, they just want to get the warmth. So, they will naturally gravitate to any electronic devices in your house. You will also see that behavior when you iron your clothes. Generally, any warm things are appealing to your felines. How interesting your feline friends are, right? 


Spending your time reading all this post, I believe you have got general knowledge about the “loaf” position of cats. Of course, there will be many different reasons explaining why they do that. Nevertheless, the reasons mentioned above are also sufficient for you to clear up your queries. Keep in mind that loafing is mostly harmless, but it may be harmful sometimes.



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