It’s Sunday morning.

Your fluffy ball of happiness is purring himself to sleep on your lap. 

Isn’t it the most peaceful and beautiful thing you can experience as a cat owner? But what makes you think that way?

Let’s unpack it together!

Why do cats look so cute when they sleep?

Well, we all know that they’re always cute, period. But there is something extraordinary in the way cats sleep that we can’t resist to awe about.

One thing that can contribute to this magic is the untamed nature of cats. It’s universal that cats are hard to get affection from. They show emotions and affections rarely. 

That explains why seeing them peacefully in their sleep triggers our brain to perceive them as cute and lovely. 

Similar to when you get up earlier than your significant other and see them sound asleep.

And I’m not telling you that cats can’t show their love. 

One thing can be sure, when your cat rubs its face against your hand, that’s it. 

That’s when you know your cat trusts you with all its heart. 

Cats are a blank canvas

We love to put our emotions on others. Especially our pets.

This is because anthropomorphizing animals is our specialty. We portrait human emotions on the pet we own. 

You see the face of your cat sleeping and imagine what’s going on in its sleep. It makes a face so much closer to a human that we can’t help but smile at it and feel warm inside!

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Well, cats sleep almost the entire day!

Another reason why cats look cute when they sleep is because they almost sleep the entire day!

Felines can rest as much as 16 hours every day, and more seasoned felines invest significantly more energy very still — as much as 20 hours per day. 

That resting propensity is an aftereffect of the feline’s advancement, dietary propensities, and physiology. 

In the wild, felines need to chase to eat, and the stalking, pursuing and executing of prey consumes a great deal of vitality. Resting assists felines with saving vitality between dinners.

It’s a break from the cat playfulness

Kittens love recess and can engage in numerous exercises — from batting a ball to investigating the house and all its dim corners. 

Cats love climbing and bouncing, and have an innate feeling of interest that will once in a while land them in diverting circumstances. While a canine will disregard running water in the kitchen sink or the commotion and blazing light on a copier, a kitty will locate these unremarkable things a marvel and will need to find out additional! 

They are normally entertaining and somewhat insidious. Cats realize the proper behavior haughty, and when to stop the stand-offish act and simply play.

And that explains why do cats look so cute when they sleep. You can then have a break from the over-exciting cat and see him on your lap. 


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