Cat is an animal that depends on humans. It likes to be pampered and to be petted and cuddled. And an interesting fact that cat owners find raising them is always surprising and fun because cats always give them cute little things.

Accidentally that expression, a look, a gesture, an action … or even cats’ inherent habits also makes us melt because of the fun and cute hiccup. So does the kneading. With this rather strange action, have you ever asked, “Why do cats make muffins?”. Let’s go find the answer!


This action moves the cat’s front paws smoothly back and forth onto a soft surface such as your thighs, blankets, or chair cushions. Some cats extend their claws while kneading, others do not. Right, this kneading motion posture is very similar to the pose when we make muffins.

People use so many words and phrases to describe or name this special action of cats. Such as:

  • Making muffins or making biscuits
  • Kitty acupuncture (these kitties must be among those that extend their claws while kneading)
  • Happy paws
  • Playing the piano
  • Mashing potatoes
  •  Giving a massage

No matter how the way to call them, their owners always smile and feel their cats adorable. Sometimes, maybe they will wonder, “What makes cats do that?”

Why do cats make muffins?

The researchers have come up with a lot of theories to interpret for this action in cats.

The first and most common theory is that the motion is left over when the cat was a kitten, even before their eyes opened. While breastfeeding, kitties place their paws around their mom-cat’s nipples and knead to stimulate milk flow. And some people think that adults cats will make the same motions when they are feeling happy. Because it makes your cat feel safe and secure as nursing kittens (like that it used to be secure by his / her mom-cat).

Besides, also comes from childhood habits, there are theories that by being separated from their mothers too early, cats make this movement as a way to remind of the time they spent with mother cat; or create a sense of security or happiness. However, even cats that stay in the same homes as their moms also knead.

It’s hard to explain, isn’t it?

Another possible explanation for cat kneading is that it is a carry-over habit from their ancient feline ancestors in the wild. Cats use their paws to pat down soft leaf or grass layer – their sleeping place – before settling down to sleep.

In the same way, domestic cats also knead when preparing to go to sleep. That is how cats knead their sleeping pillow or cushion into a more comfortable shape, like how people adjust pillow or blanket at bedtime. Based on that thing, let notice, and you will know when your small emperor is sleepy. Instead of yawning and stretching, this cats’ action “make muffins” when they are getting ready for a snooze is really interesting.

The last theory to explain why cats “make muffin” is that cats knead to mark the territory. The pads of your cat’s paws contain individual scent glands. This scent is unique to each cat, does not mix with each other, and can only be noticed by other cats or pets. Therefore, once the territory has been marked as sovereignty, it means that the curious has implied that this is its own space. And, of course, other cats will have to find another place to rest.

The reason cats make muffins could be one of the four theories above, or it could be three out of four or all. But in any way, it is the fact that making muffins make your cat feel secure and happy. It also means that when being happy, cats will “make muffins.”

Why do cats make muffins

What Can You Do When Your Cat’s Kneading Hurts You?

Some cats extend their claws while kneading, others do not. The extension of their claws like that may inadvertently hurt themselves. Not only that, your cat’s can claw hurt you while it is kneading. The cat’s sharp claws can tear through both fabrics and easily injure your skin. In that case, you can refer to some solutions as follows:

  • Place a thick blanket or cat mat on your lap (or any soft spot) before your cat is onto it.
  • Cut or file the cat’s claws so that it is less sharp and does not hurt itself or the owners.
  • Use the plastic caps that are non-toxic, easy to apply. Besides, these caps don’t hurt your cat and are quite economical to you or any owners. It not only protects you from the dangers of cat claws but also protects your home’s furniture. So convenient!

There are also many other initiatives, choose the way that is most comfortable for you to make the most of playing with your pet.

Cats are pets that are very tangerine with their owners. They often rely on or rub their bodies against their owners to gain attention or act like a baby. And so, it is not surprising that your cat will make muffins on you. Why do cats make muffins on you? Not only that, it is a way for cats to show their comfort and happiness when being on your side, but it is also seen as cats’ to show love to you, their owner.


Kneading (making muffins) is the thing that expresses happiness, comfort, and a sense of security in cats. This action is a cat’s instincts and habits, from babyhood through the geriatric stage. So that, never punish your cat by making it knead. That will make your cat feel inhibited and not good for his emotions or mood. And simply, doing that would be cruel to any cute cat.


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