Cats are very naughty. They can create their own game with anything, like a skein of wool, a ball, a flower, even with a rug. If you notice them, you will laugh because of their cute, funny way. With the act of playing each other with the cat’s tail, the following article will help you explain that: Why do cats play with each other’s tails?

Cats Play By Themselves

Cats love to play. More than that, they can treat anything within their reach as objects for them to play. You will see them playing around with a roll of wool, touching them and then bouncing away as quickly as they will hit them back. The cat repeats such motifs pleasantly with a seemingly surprised expression. How funny and how cute they are!

Tumbling, rolling on the ground, clutching and biting objects – these are common behaviours when cats play. Besides, cats like to fight, just like playing. Cats will compete against each other, for some reason. They will chase and rush into each other, then struggle, then bite each other. There is always a naughty play between the cats, just the beginning of one cat, and the other cat will respond and roll into the fight. Although there are times when they fight, which means that they and defeat each other. But that rarely happens to cats in the same family. Counterfeiting is also an expression of play among cats. On the other hand, it is also an act that we see that they do not lose the skill of a hunter despite being domesticated.

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Why Do Cats Play With Each Others Tails? 

Not only do they play with each other, but cats also play on their own, such as when they are not living with other cats. They will treat the surrounding objects as their opponents to chase and fight. Their tails are no exception.

The long, wobbly, extended, moving tails catch cat’s eye. Cats are curious animals and are attracted to new, small and moving things. For that reason, their tails make them want to play.

Cats play with each other’s tails by chasing them. Cats shake their tails, then jump to catch the tail. Depending on their luck, they can pick their tail. Or another type of play: Cats will lie on their backs in the middle of the floor, then they will curl up and try to catch the tail with the legs first.

It seems like a never-ending battle between the cat and its tail as if it’s a toy from nature. Therefore, the instinct to fight like a hunter with a hobby of chasing is the second reason cats play with each other’s tails.


Through this article, you have an explanation for the act of playing each other with the tails. Cats always bring lots of exciting things.


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