You love your cat, and your cat also loves you as much. You show your love with your cat by spending the best thing for furry friends, such as food, supplements, etc. You love your cats by hugging them when you stay home and sleep, and more. However, your feline fur baby has different ways to display its love. In the cat world, you can see that it has many actions like purring, rolling, and scratching. So you wonder why do cats purr when sleeping, does it hurt? Some owners say that it is a body language or behavior that cats show their love. It is right, isn’t it? Keep reading to the end of this post to know more.

What’s a cat in a purr?

In fact, purring is a common sound that kittens make. You can hear this sound when your cat is entirely relaxed and feeling happy. It also purrs when sleeping if it has a sweet sleep. What’s more, purring means that cats communicate other emotions, like anger or apprehension. When sleeping, the domestic cat can make purr at 18 to 20 Hz. It seems to have a little motor inside kittens that activates when they display different feelings, such as happy or upset, enjoy or angry.

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The purring of domestic cats is unique as they always purr when they inhale and exhale. However, cats are not the only animal making purr.  Many animals like gorillas, rabbits, raccoons, hyenas, and more, purr every time. But each of them has a unique sound and do the different meanings of their purr. Some make a mistake when saying that lions and tigers also purr. But, remember that they roar, not purr.

In general, there are a variety of hypotheses about “why do cats purr when sleeping” question. Here’re the main reasons you should know. 

The reasons why do cats purr when sleeping

Cat purring is an instinctive behavior

Simply speaking, kittens start purring when they are very small, even a couple of days old. Why do cats purr when sleeping? It’s precisely a usual action. Not only domestic cats, other animals like wild cats, cheetah, lion, leopard, also learn their pull-like sound when they are little. Vets suggest that cats purr every time, including sleeping, and it means that “I’m ok” or “I’m here.”  It shows a link mechanism between the animal and the pet owner. As stated, when your kittens grow up and become adult cats, purring continues. 

But many suggest that cats purr when sleeping as it is injured or in pain. Purring helps them feel comfortable and wound healing.

Cats show their happiness and love to owners

When you let your kitten sleep with you, you may hear its purr. The action indicates that your pet loves you very much. They feel happy and secured when sleeping on your chest. In other words, purring is a sign of good emotion, and cats feel less stressed when sleeping. 

Dive into the cat world, you may hear that cat purrs mean they want your attention. Your pets do this when they love you or something. From kittens to adult cats, they continue this behavior when they are feeling more relaxed, love, and content. Also, this sound may help pet owners feel more at ease, it loosens our nervousness. This is a symbiotic relationship as unique cats’ vocal feature helps lower blood pressure well. Hence, you may have healthy blood pressure and a healthier body overall thanks to cats purr. If you are feeling stressed out by working or any problems in life, try relaxing with your furry pals on the bed or the couch. We think it is beneficial for you. 

Purring when sleeping also helps your pet promote strength

Have you ever heard about this benefit? Believe it or not. If your pet is leg broken or fractured, purring makes it easier for them to heal. Some past studies showed that cats’ purr helps it build up its bone strength and healing. Your feline fur baby may purr when they feel better or heal. In other words, the frequency of cats purring when sleeping helps them repair tendons, ease breathing as well as lessen swelling and pain. There are also other reports that cats purring releases endorphins that help reduce pain when the healing process takes place. Also, it is the equivalent of expensive ultrasound treatments.

lovely fluffy kitten British golden chinchilla ticked luxuriates in the rays of the evening sun

Cats purring for some low-key exercise

This answer to the “why do cats purr when sleeping” question is surprising. You know, cats still remain alert even when they sleep. Whether your pet is domestic or wild, it keeps this habit. Just think that cats purring is a form of exercise at a lower level. Your cat purrs when sleeping as a way to conserve their energy. A genetics researcher and professor at a university in America say that when felines purr, it creates the vibrations. And the vibrations help stimulate muscles and bone strength without extending a lot of effort and energy. 

In the bottom lines

Hopefully, you get your own answer to the question of why do cats purr when sleeping after reading this post.  Cats purring has different meanings, it feels comfortable, shows powerful, stimulates strength bone, and so on. Let your pets have a chance to display their love. And please love your little furry babies in your own way. Spend time on finding out and understanding cat language and improve the connection between you and your pet. Let cats know how much you love them.

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