When you see your domestic cat jumping and rolling onto the ground, this cat’s pose may be telling you something. So, why do cats roll on their backs when they see you? It is often accompanied by rubbing your head to the level while the cat is calling. Your cat may be itchy or just stretching, but this is usually a good sign from your cat. Rolling on their backs usually signals that the cat feels safe and may want you to notice it. Here are four reasons why cats often roll on their backs.

Why Do Cats Roll On Their Backs?

Safety and assurance

A cat lies on its back and moves unless it feels safe and secure. Why do cats roll around on their backs? The answer is when in its most relaxed state. Think of it like a cat’s normal activities. It can be an excellent signal to see a cat rolling over in front of you. When kittens are lying on their belly or exposing other sensitive parts, even though they are very vulnerable, it’s a golden opportunity to bond with the master-servant! Seek attention.

Cats will look at the time, place, and circumstances to lie down and roll on their backs. If your cat rolls on their back and lies upright in front of you every time you wake up, this is a sign that your cat wants attention. Spend time playing with it, stroking it if you see it rolling around on your feet or floor!

Please pay attention to your cat when he rolls, which will actively promote him to do more. Therefore, your cat will repeat the rolling action the next time to get your attention more. Cats often form a habit, so when cat rolls on their back become a habit, that work will be a way to soothe it.

Acts of territorial marking

Rolling on the ground can spread that cat’s scent. Because cats usually adopt someone or something to sniff, recognize, then cats use scent glands on the cheeks, feet, and ribs to mark different scents. This occurs in both domestic cats and older cats. When the cat comes up and rubs your head and cheeks on the floor, your feet, it may have just left a trace of its scent on the floor and paws.

This tells other cats that this is a sovereign territory, confirms the cats’ location, and has marked you as its (so other cats need to step back). This form is a way to avoid any future enemies. Many cats develop an instinct to rub and scratch when wanting to mark their territory. However, if your cat marks the area by peeing on it, you’ll want to teach it to stop.

Find a mate for cats and feed your cat with peppermint

If you feed your cat peppermint, you may sometimes see a cat rolling on the floor like that. Herbs like catmint often stimulate a strong reaction in cats. It activates nepetalactone, which is an overpowering scent that promotes sexual desire in cats, making cats love to roll on the ground after inhaling it.

Many female cats curl up and rub against them when they’re hot or want xxx. This is likely related to hormones and ovulation. Any weird movement could be that your cat is trying to get rid of the scent and that the male cat marked it before turning to a decent male cat.

Not obeying like a dog

Many dogs lie down and roll around as a sign of procrastination or submission, unlike cats. When a cat rolls over, it often gets more attention than submissive. If you have another pet in the house, it is likely that your cat will only roll on their back when there is no pet there. This action shows that the cat gets you more loving.

Do not pet your cat while you see it is lying on its back. Cats will often lie on their backs, face-up, and be as cute as they can be. For many people, this is no different than an invitation to caress a cat’s belly. However, this is a sign that your cat has gotten used to you, and he believes that you won’t be invading your space. Breaking that belief and stroking the cat’s belly is the fastest way for you to be bitten and scratched. Although some cats enjoy being petted on the belly, most cats do not like it. If an unfamiliar cat lies on his back and looks at you, it could be a deadly “trap”, and you will be bitten or scratched if you try to caress the cat’s belly.

Never assume that your cat is asking you to rub its belly the same way you do with a kitten when your cat rolls over on their back. If not, the cat will scratch your hand! Most cats like to be stroked behind their ears, so it is better to start with that action first!

Countless other possibilities

There may be many different reasons why your cats are rolling around or on the ground. Because cats have higher body temperatures, they may sunbathe or sleep near the fireplace. As a result, cats may be shocked by sensation and need to cool down. Cats like to drink lots of water, rest in cool places and rub on cold floors. You should also let them roll around in the dirt, cover the cat’s fur with bacteria and feed them by licking the fur because these actions help your cat protect its digestive system. Whatever your cat is doing, it could be a good behavior for him. If you want to buy any cat’s souvenir such as a t-shirt, cup, etc., you can click here to see it. 

The Bottom Lines

Now you know why your cats roll on their backs, what you need to do when your cats are doing it, and what you do to your cats love you more and more. This post does not include enough information for you, of course. The one we know about cats cannot be compared with you, a person with a super big heart to those little felines. Because you have a lot of questions about cats. So if you have any questions that not included in this post, send them to us by leaving a comment below, and we will try our best to give you the answer. 

We always hope that this post would be useful for you. Have a nice day, and enjoy the beautiful life with your cat.


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