Cat’s first time many people quite interesting. There are so many new and strange things that they do not know how to handle. The problems that little cats bring to their eyes sometimes make them cry and laugh. Such as when the cat in the heat. During the period of heat in the cat, the cat’s behaviour makes owners confused and difficult to understand. Rolling is one of them. Many people wonder: “Why do cats roll when in heat?” To understand that, read on the following article.

What Does A Cat In Heat Means?

When your cat is in heat, it means it’s in heat, before the breeding season. And it is seeking mates to mate.

A cat usually gets heat in two seasons of the year: spring and autumn. It means that you will have to be mentally prepared to care for your cat with at most two births per year. A heat phase can last from one to three weeks. When the cat is four months old, it is ready and may have its first heat. That is the earliest age group. Most cats will stay in the heat, starting in the fifth month after birth.

Identity Sign A Cat In Heat

Being in heat make cats very uncomfortable if not satisfied. They will have some behaviour others than usual. Here are some signs to help you identify your cat is in the heat:

  • Always craving and feeling restless (can’t stay still)
  • Squeak and moan more than usual, exceptionally large and constant howls
  • Show more intimacy with you, ever requiring attention from you by actions such as wrapping your feet, shaking your butt, rolling on the floor.
  • Rubbing your lower body with objects around you, including yourself
  • When your cat receives an intimate response from you, cats tend to lift their lower body

If you see them showing such behaviour, you can immediately tell that your cat is in heat. Don’t be confused by this is its normal biological phase. Visit your veterinarian and get advice to know what you need to do.

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Why Do Cats Roll When In Heat?

The signs of the above behaviour are just the first step to help you determine if your cat is in the heat or not. There will be cats with their actions and exceptions. For example, male cats will become more aggressive, they will bite or scratch at their own choice, but there are only those who growl threatening. Rolling on the floor could also be understood as such an action.

Cats also roll when in heat. Why so? You should understand that when cats are in heat, they will feel very urgent and uncomfortable. The heat radiating from the lower body creates the need for being close and intimate. So they are always looking for ways to satisfy themselves, if not have a partner for themselves. The act of rolling back and forth on the floor is just one of the ways cats control heat. At the same time, that’s how they attract your attention to be picked up and cuddled.

Usually, cats also act on the floor. At that time, they were playing. But during the heat, rolling on the storey is a behaviour that carries many messages that they are hot and want to mate. Therefore, you need to pay attention to other signs to make sure your cat is in the heat. From there, help them reduce the heat and discomfort in the body by paying more attention to them, creating an open space. And don’t forget to get advice from a veterinarian to make the best preparations for your cat.


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