When you draw a cat, there are a few things that you never forget, and one of them is her little nose. This nose, of course, takes responsibility for the sense of smell, but do you know that touching it has many meanings depending on each part of a cat’s life? Why do cats touch noses? This is the topic today. 

Why Do Cats Touch Noses

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How Do Cats Communicate With Each Other?

Cats’ communication comes in different ways: they do it by sounds (meowing and purring), use body language, and, also touch noses.

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Physical Cues

Like humans, cats use a lot of physical cues in communication. If you want to know how a cat feels at a certain time, try to pay special attention to any parts of her body. For example, a cat with a high tail, tall body, and turned ears forwards is feeling friendly and confident.

Eye contact is also about cats’ communication. If a cat looks at you and blinks, this can be a sign of social acceptance and you and come nearby.

To know whether a cat is feeling threatened, look at her tail first. It will bristle up when the cat is ready to fight. 

When a cat first meets a strange one, the first thing she does is usually being more cautious as she sees that as a threat. Cats have a strong sense of territory, so at first, they seem to be not really friendly, but sometimes you will see a cat touching the nose of the other one as a type of social acceptance, although this puts both of them in a vulnerable position. That’s one reason cats touch noses, and we will inquire into it in more detail in the next section.


Cats’ vocalization comes in 2 main activities: meowing and purring.

Many anthrozoologists suspect that cats tend to meow more when they communicate with humans. A piece of the evidence showed is that domesticated housecats meow a lot more than feral cats. Meowing is also what they do to tell their owners about what they do. Most cats have the same sound to let you know their mind, so you can totally understand those noises. 

Purring is another vocal communication of cats. Cats purr a lot. They do it while communicating with all the objects and subjects: the other cats, humans, toys, etc. While people assume that cat purring is a sign of happiness, recent research showed that cats purr even when they do not feel well. This is really complicated that requires more studying. 

Why Do Cats Touch Noses?

We showed you one of the reasons why do cats touch noses, so here we share with you some information about cats’ nose touch based on their period of life and the condition. 

Newborn Cats Identify Their Mother

Newborn cats don’t have enough senses to feel the world. In this case, the unopened eyes cannot help the cat to identify her mother, so a nose touch between two of them can be an action to show their affection. 

In addition, newborn cats can use their noses to belly up to the milk bar as it is the most developed sense of them at that time. More than that, they also need warmth and protection from their mothers. 

Cats Communicate With Other Species

Cross-species communication of cats will usually be their nose touch. That does not mean that they don’t have any other way to communicate with other species, but this is the most popular.

As a cat owner, if you see your cat greeting you with a nose touch, this may be a sign of trust, love, and protection from her. 

Your friend has a cat, and you want to make friend with her, try holding your fingers right at the level of her nose. That tells her that you just want to say hello. However, this would turn out to be very dangerous if the subject is not a domestic cat – a wild cat, a tiger, or a lion could take you to heaven right at the time you start holding the fingers.

What’s more, don’t mistake a friendly-being for affection. In most cases, a touch nose from your cat as a type of cross-species communication is not really a sign of affection. It’s just a friendly action. 

Cats Marks Their Territory

As mentioned above, cats have a strong sense of territory, and they have many activities to mark it. A touch nose is not a thing that you usually think of, but it is. They touch noses to show the sign of friendship, but at the same time, they share their scent glands on the heads and cheeks as a territorial mark.

Once the scents take hold of the other cat, your cat will consider her as an asset. 

The Bottom Lines

Now you know why do cats touch noses and how do they communicate with each other as well as the other species. This, of course, does not contain enough information that you need, and I bet that you are having a lot of concerned questions. We are here to answer them. If possible, leave a comment below and tell us what you are wondering, and we will give you the answer as fast as possible. 

Have a nice day, and enjoy the adorable nose of your cat.


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