Cats don’t typically bite human beings. They may suddenly bite you while you are petting them. However, don’t take to heart that it is always a sign of aggression. Learning the answer to the question “why does my cat bite me? – how to stop it?” is part of how to take better care of our lovely friends. 

Why does my cat bite me?

Dominance show-off  

Though having been domesticated for a long time, cats still keep some habits and behavior like their ancestors.

As naturally born predators, cats can perform aggressive actions at any time, including clawing, biting, and pouncing. It’s important to stimulate this innate instinct, but things could go too far if you can’t differentiate between play and aggressive behavior.  

Biting is also an animalistic behavior to affirm dominance and threat response. Cats are no exceptions. They bite to prove who has the most significant power in the house. In this case, they don’t express any interest in playing or cuddling with you.

Tire of affectionate gestures

According to feline professionals, cats don’t mean to do you harm when biting. They are lovely but sometimes complicated. Once finding your lavished affection bothering, your little friend can use such quirky behavior to signal that he isn’t enjoying the interaction.

Cats want things to happen on their terms, so the concern “why does my cat bite me out of nowhere” is easy to explain.

Like the human, cats love enjoying their private space. As a result, biting is another way of saying, “Stop, I’m tired of this.” Leave them to their own devices, and they will curl up in your lap again when they crave your affection.


We’ve received an influx of questions like “why does my cat bite me? – how to stop it?” So are the causes. Nerve endings scatter all over the body of cats under their coat. In particular, the tail base is a sensory overload spot. You will run a high risk of getting bitten if you pet that area. Biting is a means of communication and an aggressive response as well.

Exposed to repetitive petting, your feline friend can become overly excited, followed by an arousal-based bite.

According to the expert community, cats can go cuckoo on you all of a sudden since negative stimulus pops up in their minds. Therefore, it’s crucial for pet owners to understand their little friends’ body language, thereby strengthening bonds with them.

A sign of love

Some cats bite their owners to show their appreciation. Unlike human beings, cats can’t exchange greeting cards or love letters. Instead, gentle bites resemble what they received from their beloved mothers during their kitten days. Mother cats would lick and nibble their offsprings while grooming.

Therefore, they consider bites as a meaningful way of showing their passion for those adopting and looking after them carefully.   

So, why does my cat lick than bite me? Some breeds love licking, and licking can end up in eating slightly into your hands.

A means of communication

Cats, of course, can’t tell us what they need. Instead, they will meow or make some gestures. Biting is one of them.

If you see your furry friend use a nip on the forearm or calf, he might want to go outside, to be fed, to open a door, or clean the litter box. Afterward, he will try to lead you in the desired direction or meow immediately.  

How to stop a cat from biting

Just like training pets to forgo a bad habit, prevent them from biting should follow a few basic principles. Always reward good behavior while punishing bad ones right after the cat’s action so that he can know the reason for the threat or penalty. Never compromise with your principles and respect consistency; otherwise, the pet will be confused as to what he should do.

How to stop a cat from biting to assert dominance

Compared to dogs, cats seem less sensitive to verbal communication. However, they will respond to tone and volume. Thus, try getting angry and speaking loudly to show it’s you, not them, who is the boss.

If you own male cats, neuter them to alleviate their aggression.   

Also, it’s feasible to use a dominance item like a rolled-up newspaper. Hit the pet on his head each time he bites you. Gradually, he will develop sensitiveness to the sight of that stuff.

How to stop a cat from biting to signal

Ignore him in the first place. Cats want something with their harmless bites. Therefore, they will try a different signal if they receive no response from their owners.

Familiarize your feline friend with a different form of communication. Only satisfy his need upon his meowing or rubbing against your leg.

Don’t be conservative in punishing the pet if he continues to bite you; otherwise, he will become hesitant in exhibiting his needs. Keep in mind what you are doing is to reinforce the intimate bonding between two sides.  

How to stop a cat from biting while playing

During bonding sessions, it makes lots of sense to praise soft play instead of overlooking aggressive behavior. Instantly reward your lovely pet with a treat of affection if he doesn’t use his teeth or claws but his paws when taking part in games.

Offer toys that are fit for safely clawing and biting so that they can exercise this instinct. Give them a treat if they’re doing the right thing.

If possible, teach kittens to refrain from biting from their early days. The sooner you train them, the better they will grow up.  

Final thoughts

Cat biting may be playful or bothersome, depending on the purposes of each breed. It’s your job to figure out the underlying cause and take immediate measures. We hope you’ve got a satisfactory answer to “why does my cat bite me? – how to stop it?

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