Unlike canines, felines do not often drool. As a cat parent, you may ponder the question, “why does my cat drool on me?”. If your furry friend is drooling abnormally, it is reasonable to take your pet to test up by a vet.

Why does my cat drool on me?

The truth is that there are some potential reasons for drooling in kittens, including normal and abnormal drooling in cats. Our article today will reveal significant rationales about the statement. Keep reading at the end!

Reasons lead to drooling in your four-legged friend

Normal cat drooling


Your furry pet can drool temporarily when she experiences veterinarian visits, car rides, or loud events. In a case, your kitten seems definitely stressed daily and result in drooling; it is recommended to contact your cat health care provider about options. If the drooling is short-lived and stops at the end of these activities, there is a little concern.


Enjoyment may be an answer to the question, “ why does my cat drool on me ?”. Drooling is also a sign of the relaxation of cats when being petted or cuddled. This reaction is a normal physical response to satisfaction. So don’t worry too much! Also, felines can drool while sleeping, just because they feel incredibly relaxed. This kind of drooling is considered as an indication of a happy pet.

Abnormal cat drooling

It’s normal if your cat drools only occasionally, but if occurring regularly, you should concern about “why does my cat drool on me?”. The reason is that it may associate with some health problems. It‘s crucial to get the cat examined by a vet at least 6 months per year, even if they seem healthy. The veterinarian can detect problems before cats show signs as well as prescribe proper treatment for them if necessary.

We have listed out typical abnormal drooling in felines, including:

Dental or oral ailment

The first reason we mention is related-dental and oral issues. There are some sorts of conditions, including mouth ulcers, gum disease, tooth injuries, infection, and resorptive lesions, which breed excess drooling in kitty cats. It is estimated that about 85% of felines over 3 years of age experience toothache or gum ailment. The saliva can be blood-tinged or smell unattractive.

Your vet expert will test up your kitten’s mouth to seek signs of oral and dental problems. If these issues are found out, your vet will recommend dental cleaning or tooth extractions. Medications may or may not be essential to tackle your furry pet’s dental and mouth problems.

Upper respiratory diseases

Some furry friends that grow viral respiratory conditions in nose, throat, or sinus leading to ulcerations in their mouth and increased saliva flow.

If your cat is usually around other cats in shelters or a boarding facility, she has a higher chance of getting upper respiratory inflammation. These sicknesses spread from cats to cats by sneezing, grooming, coughing, or sharing water and food.

So, upper respiratory issues might be an answer to the question, “ why does my cat drool on me?”.

Foreign material

Excess drooling may be due to foreign bodies. If your feline has stuff stuck in her mouth, it may also cause drooling. Kittens can swallow blades of grass, or a small fishbone or a piece of cords that can be lodged in the mouth or esophagus.

They can attempt to vomit this uncomfortable stuff. Keep in your mind that DO NOT pull it out if you see a string hanging out of your feline’s mouth. This action may be lead to severe damage to the stomach or intestines. Instead, it is the best way to take to the nearest vet office.


Injuries to the mouth can often cause too much salivation. For example, kittens chewing on electrical cords might experience oral burns, which results in drooling. Your cat may have a broken jaw causing drooling. Or kitty cats that get oral injuries from cat drastically fights each other often drool. So, the drooling is a sign that you had better visit a vet specialist.


Nausea and vomiting in felines can come from many causes, such as liver disease, gastrointestinal infection, kidney disease, steatosis, etc. If your cat seems vomiting or has a loss of appetite, the best way is taking her to see a veterinarian. With the help of the results can determine the coming steps for diagnostics and treatment choices.

Toxin exposure

Cats that have chewed on, licked off, or absorbed poisonous substances into their bodies can cause too much salivation. Examples of poisonous material are caustic chemicals, toxic food, or poisonous plants. If finding out your kitten exposed to something harmful, come to the nearest vet office.


Does your cat spend much time outside and absorb too much sunlight as well as not drink enough water? If your answer is yes, it is a likelihood of heatstroke. If you are doubtful about “why does my cat drool on me?”, contact the vet immediately. You can notice some expressions like vomiting, lethargy, drooling, panting, or collapsing.

Some sorts of methods to stop drooling in cats

·        Avoid traveling by planes or ships if your furry friends get motion sickness: vomiting can lead to drooling in pets, but there is a kind of friendly medication for your cat. Keep in mind that consult your vet before applying.

·        Address dental issues: take your cat to see a vet for identifying and treat gingivitis or gum diseases, which can both trigger drooling. Also, keep your eyes on cleaning an abscessed tooth.

·        Keep your furry feline from poisonous substances: get your cat to see a vet immediately if you observe any symptoms going along with drooling.

·        Ask your veterinarian about kidney disease, upper respiratory infection, and several serious diseases: drooling can be caused by these kinds of grave problems. So, take your pet to be examined by a vet.

We have just tackled the common issue, “why does my cat drool on me?”. Hope that this post will be helpful for cat-lovers to prevent as well as deal with this problem. Did you like our article today? If you have any concerns about our post, don’t fret about leaving your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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