The language of cats is meow. They use these calls to communicate with fellow human beings as well as humans. Depending on the case and purpose of their communication is what, but their meow will have different pitches and lows. Besides, those cries also appear in many different types, such as hiss, growls, etc.

So, in the case of a cat making noise before the dance, what does that meow mean? And, Why Does My Cat Meow Before Jumping?

Why Does My Cat Meow Before Jumping?

Cats meow when hungry, meow when sleepy, meow when it hurts, meow when angry, meow when fighting enemies and many other moments cats say meow.

In it, you notice and notice that when preparing to dance, cats also meow. Why so?

After learning and recording from many sources, we offer some of the following explanations:

A Greeting

That’s right! Imagine: your cat is on the top of the refrigerator, and you are looking for it, or you go to the kitchen to get something to eat; That mischievous cat will meow and leap to the opposite table right in front of your eyes. It is sending you a greeting. The meow contains a message that it wants to send you: “Hello! I’m here. Are you looking for me? ”.

You might be surprised, but do not yell at it. Instead, you can smile and greet it.

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Creat Attention

More than just a greeting, the act of shouting before jumping can also be your cat’s way of getting attention from you. Focus here is of two types: ordinary and to appreciate.

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Causing Common Attention

That is when you are too busy with cleaning up, and you seem to forget the little friend playing alone in the living room. At this point, your cat will suddenly jump from somewhere in front of you after a meow. That meow is to draw your attention that you are too indifferent to it. “I’m here”, that seems to be the message for its next jumping.

Capturing Attention

Cats are very smug with the skills they have. They are high jump, climbing, hunting skills, ability to keep balance on top, etc. Therefore, it is not uncommon for them to want to show those excellent skills to people around them. And most of all, they also want to be recognized as a true circus actor and be praised by you.

The meow before they jump is also a signal to attract attention from you. But here must be the attention that comes with enjoying the jump that it is about to perform soon. Just like that, cats sometimes see you as their audience. Take some time and show the courtesy of an audience.

A Motivation

Not just cats, so do humans. Remember, did you shout when you wanted to jump high, or took a big step forward? Meow cats before they dance as a way for them to gain strength and encourage themselves. Understandably, that is a motivation for them to jump higher, farther, more accurately. Because maybe, they are facing a new challenge for themselves.


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