When your cat accidentally wants to sleep on you when you’re unwell, or even when your emotion isn’t great, he will come beside you, appease you with cuddles, snuggles, and love.

You’re curious, does your cat know when I’m sick or why does my cat want to sleep on top of me at night when I’m unwell? Although there’s no scientific evidence about this topic, this article can help you to answer your inquisitiveness. 

Cat Behaviors

If you live with your cat for a long time, you know their behaviors. Only rare cats love people petting them, touching them a lot, or even sleeping with their owners. Cats instinctively find solitude places, love quiet, and don’t like touches. 

Cats tend to sleep alone

Although cats become domesticated pets, they have accustomed to cuddle, become your best friends. Sometimes, they still want to have private spaces such as their bedroom, litterbox, and more. They don’t care about sleeping with anyone in your family. They love quiet and can’t bear disturbing sounds. However, they’re still lovely and accept a little bothering from family members because they know you love them, conversely, them either.

Cats don’t like everyone to pet them

Sometimes you can realize that your cat becomes disassembled and annoyed when many people touch him, pet him. However, when you’re happy, unhappy, angry, or feel pretty severely, they will realize something is wrong, they will come beside and comfort you.

So Does Your Cat Know When You’re Sick?

There’s no scientific evidence that cats can understand you and comfort you when you’re sick or unhappy. However, you can read on forums, blogs, and social media in which cats’ owners share their stories about their cat can understand and bond with them.

Although we don’t have any scientific papers, tests, we can safely assume that cats seem to react to human emotion as the way we do.

Why does my cat sleep on me when I’m sick?

Cats can read human’s sentiment

There’s the little research by Galvan and Vonk, indicating that Domestic cats are sensitive to emotion. That usually gets displayed by their owner, but a history of human interaction didn’t mention about such abilities in cats. However, as we said, there are no official scientific papers to confirm whether cats could interpret human emotion or not. 

Based on many cats’ owners’ experiences on blogs, forums, and social media, cats can at least interpret something wrong with their owners.

Cats might actually be hypersensitive to illness 

Besides, cats may be sensitive to illnesses and human emotion. As Jennifer Donovan’s answer on Quora asks, ‘Why does my cat like to sleep on me when I’m ill?’. She’s explained that it seems that her cat, called Blaze, knew about her kidney cancer before she did. Moreover, after her removing major kidney surgery, she came home, and Blaze didn’t jump up to her as she always used to do, instead of that, she was walking on the arm or the chair and give her cuddles.

After researching on social media, it seems like cats are hypersensitive to owners’ illnesses and want to comfort them to make their owners feel better.

Cats are masters of learning body language

When you call them, tap on the arm of the couch, they will jump onto there and lay on you. Alternatively, they run into the kitchen at lunch and meow when they hear your vocal in the kitchen. They’re masters of learning body language; they can recognize and understand your voice and specific action after training.

Cats grow up on routine

Sometimes you’re wondering why does my cat sleep on my bed with me, or why does my cat always sleep on me at night while cats instinctively interested in sleep alone. Here’s an answer, cats thrive on routine.

You’ve petted them when they were a kitty; they’ve accustomed to walking into the kitchen and standing in the same place or cuddling around your feet until you feed them. So as the same, they will sleep with you and always lay on you while you sleep because they’ve slept with you when they were just a kitty. 

When you change a new job and too busy to spend time at home, they will recognize that you spend your almost time in your bed at home instead of the living room, kitchen, or anywhere in your home. So maybe they seem to miss you, they have to sleep on you, find warm and cozy from you. Hope this one can answer your question on why does my cat have to sleep on me

Another metaphor, you’re too sick, you spend all of your time at home in bed. It means it’s out of the usual routine, they know it and feel unwell with this (maybe no one feeds them when you’re sleeping, or no one plays with them)

Please note that cats feel stressed when the routines changed; they will have abnormal behaviors such as peeing or pooping outside the litterbox. 

Maybe they will pee on your bed, so when you need to help for the issue ‘why does my cat pee on me while I sleep,’ you should consider whether your family routine changed or she had a biological problem such as bladder infection, urinary tract, or idiopathic cystitis. If this issue occurs regularly, you should take them to see the vet.

Actually, we don’t need to make clear is that your cat can understand your emotion or not. As long as they bond with you when you’re happy, unhappy, or sick; comfort you with cuddles, snuggles, purring, and love. 


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