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Being playful and hyperactive on the surface, cats are very subtle in the way they communicate with humans. The key to understanding how they are feeling, both emotionally and physically, is through looking them into eyes.
Cat pupils are poetically referred to as the windows to the feline’s soul. Yes, that’s true because they can be good indicators of a cat’s mood and intention. While narrow pupils and squinted eyes suggest a sense of anger, fear, belligerence, wide pupils may convey the cat’s uplifting vibe and extreme excitement.
So, supposing I were a cat guardian, how much can I read my feline’s thoughts merely through their staring at me? As well as why does my cat stare at me all the time?

How does the cat staring work?

Have you ever heard of the staring contest? You may have played it with your friends before and beat all the records. But what if you and your feline become opponents of each other in that contest?
Needless to say, your furball partner will break your record in no time and turn you into a complete loser. This can be linked to the frequently asked question, “Why does my cat stare at me without blinking?”
Unblinking staring is an impressive ability found in cats, not in us, human beings. Our eyes may get tired after short periods of staring non-stop, but cats don’t. This is because cats are nocturnal hunters, so their visibility and the size of their pupils must be no similar to ours. By the same token, they have a translucent “third eyelid,” which acts as a windshield washer protecting the eyeball from debris and dust, at the same time moistening the eyes to save the need for blinking.

What is being communicated through the cat gaze?

Sometimes even when you don’t notice, your cat is supervising you from far away, from your facial expressions to what you are doing and how you are feeling at the time. To some, it can be a little bit uneasy about being monitored by a seemingly small and inferior friend. But be sympathetic to learn that these are all naturally-born instincts of cats.
What they are trying to do is to convey a nonverbal message to the owners, simply to remind them of their special treats after playing time or ask them for a loving stroke on their fur. How about other circumstances? What are cats trying to express?

  • Your cats have the munchies

It sounds odd, I suppose. While babies signal their craving for milk by crying, our cats just remain silent by their plate and keep looking at us. Whatever, I am still sighing with relief to know this because at least that creepy staring is worthwhile.
The feline pets rely on us as a major provider of food and nutritional diet. Whenever they feel a need to satisfy their upset tummies, their eyes will be wide open to make us question whether we have fed them or not.
This helps answer, “Why does my cat just sit and stare at me?”. I think it’s time to have a check on what you have placed on their bowls.

  • They are longing for attention

I have to say that cats are quick learners because, during developmental stages, they learn about things merely from what they see, feel, and perceive. This is known as operant conditioning.
If your feline friend’s gaze at you works so effectively that you decide to leave aside your loads of work to spend time playing with her, she will take note of this tactic and replay it multiple times later on.
Purring is also considered a powerful expressive method by cats. A blending combination between staring and purring makes cat cuter and more lovable than ever.
So, don’t get surprised, “Why does my cat stare at me and purr?”

  • They try to feed their curiosity

You have heard me right. Cats are nosy creatures, which means they will be ready to “stalk” on your apparently interesting personal stuff to see what you are doing and also to divert your attention.
In other words, cats follow you as if it were chasing after its prey, which seems to be mysterious and suspicious.
Some may ask, “Why does my cat stare at me when I sleep?”. The answer is cats are beguiled by sleeping activities as well. They may snuggle into your bed to experience this mysterious activity and stare at you to inform you that they are feeling relaxed by your company. How sweet it is!

  • Cats are feeling insecure, pain or discomfort

No matter how cool the cat is when he successfully catches his predators, he is still feeble inside and needs reassurance from human beings to know everything is fine, and nothing has gone wrong with his security.
The ringing of the bell, the harsh sound from the opening door, or the footsteps of humans may be enough to frighten your little feline. In such cases, a stroke on the head will calm him down and show him that you will always be aside in all emergency.
Likewise, when some health problems are causing discomfort in the cat’s body, he will beg for help by looking intensely at you with his eyes fully dilated to show pleading and misery.

  • Boredom may “torture” your cat

More than once, this question keeps cropping up in your mind, “Why does my cat stare at me while kneading?” If yes, your cat is likely to get fed up with her current state and wants a wind of change in her living environment. She may desire mommy-like things known as kneading. This brings about a sense of nostalgia, comfort, and security by living near her mommy.

Things to do to avoid cat staring at you

Why does my cat stare at me all the time?” That’s because she resorts to her body language to communicate with you. In return, she is waiting for your reaction before stopping on that imploring looks. So, you should:

  • Be sensitive to realize what your friends are calling for. Maybe she tries to remind you of her delayed dinner time or ask you to have a look at the food on her plate as she may want some tasty things to snack on.
  • Notice the changes in your cat’s physical appearance and consult your vet when there is something abnormal going on.
  • Being able to interpret the cat’s body language is an art that can only be mastered when you try hard to. So, spend time learning some basic expressions regarding ear movement, tail position, and so on.
  • Give your cat enough quality time to assure him that you love him. He will be pleased with that.


When your lovely feline friend stares at you, she wants to say more than just those things mentioned above. But a simple message via these reactions is that she loves you and she wants you to know that.
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