Cats mark their territories by peeing and peeing on the bed may be one of the biggest problems of cat owners. Obviously, your cat remarkably obeys, you have lived with him for a long time, and suddenly, once morning day, he was peeing on your bed!

You must ask yourself a question: why is my cat peeing on my bed all of a sudden? Why he is peeing out of his litter box, maybe he has a biological problem.

After receiving your vet guarantee about the cat health, your cat still is peeing on your bed.

Check out five common reasons below why my cat is still peeing on my bed so much!

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Six reasons why is cat peeing on the bed

1. Check out biological problems

“If a cat is urinating out of the litter box, problems like bladder stones and a bladder infection, both of which cause severe inflammation and an urge to urinate, should be ruled out.”

Adam Eatroff – the director of the hemodialysis unit at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals

Maybe, your cat urinates on the bed regularly due to hormonal and chemical balances change in the body caused by anxiety or stress. This is the inflammation of the bladder known as feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). FIC has a negative impact on the urinary bladder. The best way to prevent this problem is that reducing stress in their environment.

But of course, you should ask your vet to make sure that your cat is not enduring a bladder infection, urinary tract, or idiopathic cystitis.

2. The litter box is not the best ideal location

Why Is My Cat Peeing On The Bed

You should know that your cat must be treated with more privacy and pleasantry than you think!

Locate the litter box in the most convenient spot. You cannot put the cat box in the basement when your cat usually lives on the second floor in your bedroom, the second-floor balcony will be the ideal spot located his located box.

Another notice is that the litter box shouldn’t put in the dark or low lighting. This causes that your cat may be less tend to use it.

3. More litter boxes needed

Cats incline to urinate in their own litter boxes, they will never share a litter box with others. Thus, you should prepare the separate litter boxes for them if you have 2 cats or more.

Moreover, multiple litter boxes would be a good idea for you, even if you have only one cat. Recommended to put a litter box on each floor in your home. It would be more convenient for your cat. And totally, you can maximumly prevent ability cat urination on your bed.

4. Cats dislike their type of litter box

The litter box’s step side is too high, it causes your cat is hard to get in and get out. The box’s roof isn’t suitable for your cat and maybe it’s restricting his movement. He has to press a part of his body to go inside. Or simply he doesn’t love the litter box’s plastic traps smell. These ones made him uncomfortable, so that he prefers peeing out of the litter box.

5. Cats dislike their cat litter

You don’t know. Actually, your cat sometimes is so grumpy! Maybe he wants to use a softer substrate when digging and stepping into the litter box. So, never wonder why is my four-year-old neutered male cat peeing on my bed while he hasn’t done this before. Maybe because the new brand cat litter you have just changed and made him uncomfortable.

6. A big change in household

You have just had a new baby, new pets, even a new job all that can make your cat change his normal behavior. Your new job makes you spend less time at home also can activate the cat dirty house behavior.

How to stop your cat peeing on your bed?

Stop asking why is my cat peeing and pooping on my bed anymore! Check out the effective ways to stop your cat from peeing on your bed below.

First of all, you should identify medical problems

Make an appointment with your vet.

Allow the vet to make a physical exam and run diagnostic tests to ensure your cat health.

After analyzing urine and blood samples, indices have something abnormally, your cat needs to be a treatment.

Notice that maybe you have to retrain your cat use the litter box after treatment in case painful urination your cat suffered before.

Ruling out litter box issues

Clean litter box regularly

No cats love a dirty litter box; they also don’t like a too clean cat box. Maybe the detergent smell makes them unpleasant. Therefore, we have some helpful tips for cleaning the litter box:

  • Empty out the litter and scour the litter box with gentle scent soap.
  • Then elute with the water to remove the detergent smell and
  • After drying the litter box completely, replenish the new litter.

Change the new brand litter

Your cat is peeing on your bed may be due to the cat litter. Change the other litter brands, which are more soft and comfy until made your cat love them.

Put a litter box in bedroom

A litter box placed in the bedroom would be an ideal location. Your cat usually sleeps with you on the bed, placing the litter box closer to him can stop him from peeing on your bed.

Please note that cat loves the privacy and quiet, so that place the litter box in the corner of the room will be great for him.

Others way to prevent cat peeing on the bed

  • Close the bedroom door to prevent your cat access to the bedroom.
  • Spray an odor neutralizer around your bed. Cat only pees where leaves his scents, use a pet-specific odor neutralizer made them never want to urinate your bed anymore.
  • Spray a feline pheromone on the bed.

We hope that this article answered your questions about why your cat is peeing on the bed, and the useful ways above have inspired you to prevent your cat urinate on the bed.


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