Vomiting is a common phenomenon among cats. They can throw up about two to three times per month. So, it would be difficult for cat owners to realize when we need to bring them to see the vet, or we only take care of them at home. Typically, based on the products of vomiting to diagnose the status of your cats. The article will help you answer the question of why my cat is throwing up so much!

Causes of Cat Vomiting

Having a variety of causes of cat vomiting, as we said, based on the products of vomiting, we can realize the status of cats. Firstly, you need to determine caused by biological or physical problems.

Physical Problems

Cat Hairballs

When you pet a cat, you are very familiar with hairballs. Cats tend to clean their fur by licking themselves. In a while, they accidentally swallow hair and fur. Of course, cats could not digest these hairballs. But please note that, if your cats could not get it out, bring them to see the vet immediately.

Cat’s curiosity

Have you ever seen your cat move around and around to catch the red dot? Cat’s curious about everything: toilet paper, pen, your kids’ toy, erasers, and more. Some of them they can digest or easy to vomit; so have nothing to caution. But some of these, such as toy parts, erasers, and more your cat could not digest and throw it up, you must instantly take them to the veterinarian.

Biological Problems

You can totally check your cat’s problem based on their vomiting products. Why is my cat throwing up after eating? Why is my cat throwing up water, foam, food, liquid, and more? You can find these questions with cats owners because cats usually throw up. You must follow them and predict the dangerous level based on their products.

White foam

“Why is my cat throwing up white foam?” Throwing up foam is common among cats. They usually vomit white foam with hairballs. In this case, you may not concern. But sometimes, vomiting white foam is signs of changing diet or gastritis.

For some reason, you must change your cat diet unexpectedly. This causes your cat to miss a meal or eat later than usual. This is also the reason to vomit.

Or sometimes, you want to change the new food. Cats will resist the fresh food if you don’t serve it slowly.

If your cats don’t have an appetite and throw up the white foam with bile or blood, it should be a sign of severe stomach inflammation. The best solution is to make an appointment with the vet.


Gall is a place to contain bile until we have eaten. Bile, which is a yellow-green liquid, will get out to the small intestine to support the digest process. When a cat throws up yellow liquid, it means that the bile isn’t on its proper way to the stomach. That may be a sign of kidney disease, a bacterial infection, or an endocrine issue. 

Vomiting bile usually occurs in old cats due to the weak digestion system. That’s why I typically meet the question ‘Why is my cat throwing up bile?’ in the long-time cat owners.


How about throwing up food? There are some reasons causes of vomiting food. It could be food allergies, eating too fast, too much, or just due to your cat’s sensitive stomach. 

Dr. Sara Stephens indicates that cats are greedy or stressed by their food competition, so they will eat fast and quickly. It can lead to a regurgitated problem right after eating. 

Besides, the answer to the question “Why is my cat throwing up after eating?” may be food allergies. Your cats can tolerate one of the ingredients in cats’ food. Wheat, fish, beef, milk are common food allergies in cats.


Clear liquid

If a clear liquid is the product of your kitty’s regurgitation, it could be the stomach’s gastric juice. It means cats bring the cash up from the gastrointestinal system. If your cat throws up after drinking the water, he can also vomit clear liquid.

Brown liquid

Brown liquid is never a good signal, even with humans. If your cat vomits the smell and brown liquid, it means this is a dangerous problem. So don’t waste your time with the question “Why is my cat throwing up brown liquid,” there’s no correct diagnose for you. Make an appointment with the vet is the best solution for you.


“Why is my cat throwing up blood?” There’s a variety of factors caused by blood vomiting. But be aware that your cat has a severe problem in the digestive tract such as ulcers, trauma, inflammation, or stomach irritation. 

Besides, vomiting blood may be signs of cat’s mouth problems, stomach irritation, or lung injury.

It’s so hard to diagnose your cat’s status when she is throwing up blood. The best solution is to take her to see the vet.

Long-time solution = Quality Diet

A healthy cat means a healthy diet! With a steady and proprietary diet, your cat always has an abundance of health. Here are some helpful tips to have a quality diet for your cats:

Make a change slowly

The cat will be a liver problem when suddenly serving her new food. So, you need to make a change day by day slowly. Ensure to help them every day.

Make an appetite

Typically, cats prefer to eat canned food than the dry one. So, you can serve the dry food with a bit of water to moisture for more desire. Remember to discard foods that they don’t eat anymore after 20 minutes to prevent rotting.

Measure up

We can create an appropriate diet for the cat’s age, activity level, and gender. Referring to the vet and the food manufacturer’s recommendation and pay attention to measuring their weight. Then adjust the amount of proper food. 

We hope this article “Why is my cat throwing up?” has a piece of useful information for you. But, we recommend you should take your cat to the vet when she has any abnormal signal.


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