Dogs with more varieties in breeds make the puppy price list more abundant. But that shouldn’t make felines play second fiddle. While shopping for pets is not encouraged, knowing which is the most expensive cat in the world can be interesting. Exclusive cat breeds often own air of luxurious properties such as rarity and uniqueness. That’s how they are tagged the steepest.

Take a look at the list below to see which breed is the priciest kitty known today, ranging from the lowest.

5 world’s most expensive cats

1. Scottish Fold $200 – $1,500

Mostly adored by the folded ears, Scottish Fold kitties portray an innocent look irrelevant to their sudden bursts of energy. One distinctive feature of Scottish Folds is their fond stance on the hind legs. That makes them even more attracted.

russian blue cat on white table

Cre: Omar Ram

Scottish Folds are great as family cats. They are friendly around children and always make themselves comfortable on your laps. As the popularity of Scottish Folds is increasing, many breeders have to compete with better pricing, making these fur-balls more affordable.

2. LaPerm $500 – $2,000

The unique feature of LaPerms is their curly hair and the humble piercing glint from those beautiful eyes. People love LaPerm cats for their friendliness despite their serious look.

LaPerm Cat Breed Information


The most special feature that makes these felines pricy is that they are hypoallergenic. Families with households that are allergic to cat fur can rest their minds and have one playful LaPerm stalking their life in joy.

3. Norwegian Forest $600 – $3,000

Hairy, funny, and extraordinarily beautiful, Norwegian Forest cats easily catch the eyes of anyone. These Viking ancestors are among the most playful yet elegant felines with an assertive character.

white butterfly resting on cat's nose

Cre: Karina Vorozheeva

Nowadays, authentic Norwegian Forest cats are hard to find as they are bred to match the preferred markings in the US. It is the trips of breeders to Europe for the market’s demands that make these fluffy balls expensive.

4. Persian $1,800 – $5,500

Known with the peke face and long hair, Persian is the most identifiable breed yet among the highly cost one. These cats are also sleepy heads which makes them perfect for seniors and busy pet parents.

white persian cat on green grass during daytime

Cre: Petra Bouchalová

However, that doesn’t mean Persian cats don’t demand love. With the royal personality, Persian kitties want to be heard when they speak with the melodious meow.

Due to the brachycephalic face, Persian cats suffer difficulty in breathing. You are likely to hear your Persian snore, cough, and eat with a little challenge.

5. Bengal $4,000 – $10,000

Taking the features of an Asian Leopard, Abyssinian, and Egyptian Mau, Bengal cats are among the highest-priced felines in the world. These cats possess unique rosette markings and muscles like wild cats.

brown tabby cat on white textile

Cre: Igor Karimov

Bengal cats are pretty social and active. Unlike many cats, these kitties love water and hunting. They are yet exceptionally intelligent.

What makes these cats expensive is the time to remove the wild bloodline over 4 generations. In the UK, a Bengal cat can be priced up to $50,000. Who knows if the price goes up in the future!

Closing thoughts

Those are 5 the world’s most expensive cats in the world. But cats are cats. All of them always wish for love and attention. Though they are all unique in features, we’re sure the kitties you’re having are distinctive in their ways. 


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