A gift sometimes says more than it looks. It is the crystallization of love, care, and understanding from the giver to the recipient. But of course, all the good things above only happen when it fits. What are the Pet Gifts Your Cat Will Probably Hate?

Pet Gifts Your Cat Will Probably Hate
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I watched my Alesha (a classy British Shorthair) get angry when I bought her a mouse that can move according to the motion sensor. And it took me a long time to find out why. So, if you decide to buy a gift for your cat, please refer to this article to avoid encountering the same situation as me.

Pet Gifts Your Cat Will Probably Hate

1. Items that can move

Typical example: machine mouse

Have you ever seen movies where the characters’ cats chase and play with fake mice or robot models that can move? Don’t believe that. Because the only cat who likes this is Tom from the legendary Tom & Jerry series.

Like any other animal, cats are extremely territorial animals. Even if you have tamed them and brought them back to your home, that survival instinct is still there.

When an object such as a moving toy appears, it means new hazards appear. Fear will be a common expression for cats in this situation. And it will take a lot of time and persuasion from the owner if you want the hairy friend to get acquainted with the new friend.

Try a spool of wool, or a rubber mouse, I think your cat will enjoy it.

2. Items that make loud noises

Just like moving items, items that make loud squeaks are a risk to your cat’s safety. They will immediately find a way to run to their bed or a hidden corner of the house and hide. Modern toys are often integrated with many features including playing music, so find out carefully before bringing them home.

3. Clothes

This is probably the item that will surprise you the most on this list.

Halloween has arrived and you want to make your cat look scary. I want the same and I’m sure everyone has the same idea. But it’s not that good.

Dressing your cat is a huge change for our furry friend. They are used to having only their natural fur act as the outer covering of their bodies. The fact that you dress them makes them feel stuffy and quite uncomfortable. Not to mention they make it difficult for cats to sweat, clothes that are too tight will make it difficult to exercise.

In addition, if you have the idea to buy them a pair of socks or shoes to look more stylish, watch out for your little friend because falls will appear quite a lot.

And as a result, the rather lovely clothes you just bought become rags after just a few hours.

4. Items with aluminum foil, heavy plastic, or sticky surfaces

Cats have a nature that likes to gnaw or lightly bite things. That’s why there are toys that are specifically designed to cater to your cat’s toothaches.

But if you accidentally don’t dig deep and bring home things with aluminum foil, heavy plastic, or sticky surfaces, it will be a nightmare for curious cats. They are quite sensitive and will stay away from objects with these properties. Not to mention if your cat sticks to the item, it will look pretty silly trying to pull away.

Typical examples: Swimming pool, water gun

With their fear of water, cats are very limited in contact with surfaces or objects that can release strong water. Therefore, the silliest thing is that you buy your cat a swimming pool and try to teach them to swim.

6. Items that release strong odors

Cats are pets with a strong sense of smell. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful if you want to buy items with strong odors such as shower gel, biting toys with natural ingredients, or even food. Some odors that can irritate cats include citrus, natural rosemary scents like rosemary and thyme. Banana, mustard as well as lavender, and eucalyptus should also be included in the restricted list. Pay close attention to the composition of the gift when you go to buy a gift for your little friend.

Is it possible to teach cats to get used to items they hate?

The items I listed above are all based on actual observations as well as a summary of the unique characteristics of cats. I wouldn’t recommend trying it if you don’t want to cause fear, anger, or unnecessary injury to your four-legged friend.

However, you can still with your perseverance and patience to change your cat’s attitude towards the items you have bought. This takes time.

I will take a simple example in case you want to dress your cat in a beautiful dress. Don’t think about leaving her alone and then leaving her in the corner of the room. Your dress will be removed soon. You need to know the size of your cat, choose a dress that ensures the necessary comfort. You put it on and off gradually to let your cat get used to having a different coating on the body then gradually increase the time. The cat’s aversion to clothes will disappear.

The same applies to the other items on the list above. Each time your cat tries to come into contact with the item, reward him or her with something and include words of encouragement.

Closing Thought

Cats are interesting animals and anything related to them is interesting. Each cat will have its personality and take proper care to know what they love/hate. And this of course will not be easy at all. Cross out theses Pet Gifts Your Cat Will Probably Hate have good luck choosing the right one.

Thank you for reading!


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