Dogs are no-wonder enthusiastic players, gymmers, runners,…anything that requires a rich source of energy. But how about cats? Can you get them to move and drain some of the fish they just consumed?

person standing in front of orange cat

How to get your cat to exercise?

Cats are mostly couch potatoes. But if you know these 10 feline-drawing exercises, you can make them move their butts. Please, keep reading.

10 funny exercises cats will love

1. Go catfishing

Are you ready for a catfishing session? Pick a wand with a rod tightening a feather. The movement will trigger your cat’s hunting instinct, getting him to catch the feather to exercise.

2. Install vertical space

gray cat leaning on scratch post and looking on hanged fur fish

Provide your cat with some feline furniture

Such climbers like cats may not resist a vertical space with trees, lines, and cat perches. Climbing is a stress-relieving activity for felines.

3. Walk on leash

It’s a fact that many kitties enjoy walking and exploring the outside world within a range. So, leash your kit up and walk with them. If the cat is a shy one, pick a less-crowded park or do a short walk around the neighborhood.

4. Buy a catio

A catio is many cat’s favorite furniture. It’s an outdoor cage that provides your cat with a range of climbing perches.

5. Play chasing

Not only dogs love running to you. Cats enjoy run and play too. You can be the one to get involved in this play. It’s as simple as you running and your cat will chase after.

6. Shoot bubble guns

Flying bubbles are great targets for the cat to hunt. With this activity, you can get your cat to exercise by chasing the bubbles. Get your kids to play along.

7. Creep into a tube

brown cat in shopping bag

A place to creep in

Cats love places where they can hide. And a tube makes a perfect stealthy hideout. You are likely to see a little “lion” prepare to wriggle into the tube and repeat the game. Other alternatives can be a paper bag or a cardboard box.

8. Use strings

Yarns, strings, rods are great substitutes for a mouse. You just need to leave the things there and watch your cat play. But supervise when the cat plays with these small items as he may swallow.

9. Try an agility course

Extreme energetic cats need real activities to drain their power. An agility program will get your cat involved in a number of jumps and runs. These courses are easy to find locally.

10. Use a laser point

A laser point can be endless entertainment for a cat. With just a small laser light point, you can activate the play mode in your furball and get him to chase the point. Be careful not to let light point to the cat’s eyes.

In the end

Those are 10 dynamic exercises that any cat would enjoy. Above all, your attention is the most important. So, spend some time play with your cat or be around supervising him. Getting your fluffy ball to exercise every day not only improves his health but also reinforces your bond with the pet. Have fun!


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